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what did you think of the Olympic 2010?

in Canada..

i loved it not just because im a Canadian.. Everything was just great..

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    First and foremost, the athletes were incredible. BEST part of the whole Olympics. Many thanks to all the Canadian athletes and their hard work.

    Now to the IOC and the Vancouver Olympic itself:

    Good Job Vancouver for Creating the most BORING and stereotyped Closing/Opening Ceremonies. Cirque du Soleil, Celine Dion, Leonard Cohen, ... all got ignored. At least the hockey team made up for this boredom.

    Canadian Tax dollars well spent on Simple Plan, Avril Lavigne and Marie-Mai... and blow-up beavers. It was just lacking some gay touch from Justin Beiber.

    It was a shame. Canada will forever remain that untalented, moose hunting, beaver loving, aboriginals living in igloos and those living in cities are nothing more than tap dancing fiddlers.

    Not to mention that we are responsible for the horribly made luge track and the mismanagement and wasteful spending at the Olympics. Looks like Canada now has solidified its position as a failure to host any sporting event, starting at Montreal and finishing it at Vancouver. =(

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    surely the final, a techniques greater perfect than the final 3 Italian, usa and eastern ones. It quite portrayed Canadians to be beneficiant being concerned and empathetic to not basically their very own human beings yet each physique, a nationality not wrapped up in guy or woman benefit and textile wealth. a rustic of quiet achievers and blessed with great financial and organic wealth summed up superbly via the opening ceremony poem we are greater via Shane Koyczan, it so no ask your self why Canadians are respected, widespread and enjoyed by way of out the international.

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    Vancouver did a great job hosting the games, even with the glitches and problems that arose early on.

    I felt that the actual competition was excellent. I was sick of hearing about the Olympics at first, and actually meant to boycott them out of frustration (so tired of all the commercials and news updates), but they ended up being so good that I couldn't tear my eyes away. The hockey game earlier tonight was the highlight for me.

    The One: The beaver thing was meant to poke fun at Canadian stereotypes. And in fairness, Calgary did a good job hosting the games back in the 80s. Didn't go into debt, well-built facilities, and so on.

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    My Fav Winter Olympics.

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    The competition was great. The opening and closing ceremonies were weak, and the death at the whistler center brought down the mood.

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    My favorite since i came to canada i whistler last 2008

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i agree 100%

    it was GREAT. proud to be canadian <3

  • A Fan
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    1 decade ago

    I am Canadian... and i enjoyed every single second:)

    I sure as hell believed

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    Well, i'm American. I LOVED the Olympics.

    I always do. They are always fun and interesting to watch.

  • Nathan
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    1 decade ago

    I would also agree 100%

    I loved it as well

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