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A question about the movie The Box.. I would like to know how it ends?

I was only able to watch 45 minutes of it, and I thought it was pretty boring and bad, but I was curious as to what happens in the last hour of the movie. Thanks

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    The beginning is really boring, I have t agree with you, but the end is fantastic. Once they press the button that lady dies. Well that actually pertains to things later on. I'm only going to give you the jist because it is so detailed. Anyways, the husband, Arthur, goes to the library because he is told to by Mr. Stewerd's employees. He is givin this slip of paper that tells him a book number, but nothing else. The book is on lighting stikes and it is oddly out f place on the bookshelf. Inside he finds a picture of Mr. Stewerd. Cameron Diaz, Norma, also goes to the library because some random lady comes up to her in the grocery store and says, "Go to the library. It's all with happily married men under 40 with 1 child. Go!" Then she faints with a nose bleed. So she goes to the library and finds out that Mr. Stewerd was struck by lightening. That's how his face got to be the what it is. Arthur is then being followed by these other men (in the same trance as the people who got the nose bleeds or held up the number 2). They chase him into this weird room where hundreds of these tranced men are just sitting on like desks or something. Mr. Stewerd's wife then comes out and tells him to follow him. He is brought to another room where he must choose 1 of 3 portals. Two will lead to eternal damnation, and one leads to salvation. He picks potal #2 because all those tranced people were holding up the number 2 with there hands. He gets a glimps of the after life and then he is back at his house with his wife. They think its all over. But its not.

    They go to a wedding party and the husband doesnt feel well so he steps outside for a bit but then someone holds a gun to his head and tells him to get in to car. Walter (their son) comes outside looking for his dad but he's kidnapped and then the mom starts screaming but those possessed people capture her. The guy with the gun is the man that's wife died when they pressed the button. He tells Arthur everything:

    1. Mr. Sewerd was struck by lightning, died, came back to life, and now works for the people who control everything. In other words he works for the Higher Power

    2. Stewerd is doing this Human Resources Elimination Project booklet or something. It explains everything from the Protals to the Possessed people.

    3. The man tells Arthur that they know where his kid is and what they will do. Arthur thens asks if the man shot his wife. The man says, "Yes. I had to choose between my wife and my daughter. And I chose my daughter." He's crying and such.

    This all occurs as they are speeding to Stewerd's little building where everything goes down to try to stop him from doing what he will do. But all of a sudden a man is standing in the road, he was one of those tranced people. They are forced to stop. But then a truck slams into them and they are in a terrible crash. This all was to stop them from stopping Stewerd. The man was killed by this accident, and Athur is a bit banged up.

    We then see Arthur dragged from a military-NASA warehouse. Arthur and Norma return home and find Steward in their kitchen, who says they face two final options. Their son, Walter, is now deaf and blind. They can either live on with their million dollars, and their disabled son, or Arthur can shoot Norma through the heart, at which point Walter's sight and hearing will be restored and the million will be placed in a high interest bank account for Walter.

    Steward leaves, revealing on his way out that their son is in the bathroom, locked upstairs. The two of them run upstairs and try to get him out, but cannot. They decide that they must make a choice, and Norma leads Arthur downstairs. While this is happening, we see another couple make the decision to push the button, and at the moment they push the button, Arthur shoots Norma through the heart, and runs upstairs to find Walter. Walter is passed out on the floor, and does not respond. Soon the police arrive, having been called about the gunshot. Walter wakes up and calls out, as Arthur is led out of the house. As Arthur leaves, we see Steward arrive at the new couple's house. Arthur's NASA friend informs him he and his son will be taken care of, as Arthur is escorted away by men in uniforms, who put him into a black car before driving off, as Walter looks out through the home's window with Norma's father at his side.

    Mr. Stewerd mentions to him that they gave him hope for future humanity. He says that if people begin to refuse to press the button then the whole porgram will discontinue, unfortunatily, for now, it is a hue vicious circle.

    It was a really good and sad ending. You should watch it.

    Source(s): Watched it myself.
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