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According to IOC medal listing rules Canada won?

The Olympics? How come all the North American websites and newspapers list the countries by total medals then?

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    According to the IOC rules, Canada should be listed at the top of the medal listing. That does NOT mean that we 'won' anything. The IOC rules just determine how the list is ranked, they do not declare, nor do they recognize, such a thing as a 'winner' Being at the top of the list simply means your name goes first, it does not imply any special status.

    The US has for some years chosen to use total medals as their ranking. That's purely a US invention which unfortunately Canada has started to use as well.

    Canada Sucks: if you're going to steal a line, do it accurately. The line reads :"...isn't it ironic? Don't you think?"

  • Mr.B
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    There is no "winner".

    In Canada, like the US, the standard has been to list according to total medals. Most media outlets in Canada still list that way. In most of the rest of the world they list by total golds. There is no right and wrong, there are no rules about it. Think of it like dates - in some places Mar.1, 2010 would be 1/3/2010 in other places it is 3/1/2010. No right and wrong, just whatever is the standard where you happen to be.

    The US had the most medals; Canada had the most golds. Instead of being petty and squabbling about some non-existent winner, both nations should stand side-by-side and be equally proud of what they both accomplished and respect what the other nation accomplished as well. There's enough room at the top for both of us.

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    No place in your citation did I read that "According to IOC medal listing rules Canada won" It did not state that.

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    What Mr. B said.

    Besides, they whole point of the games is to bring countries together, not make them rip eachother's throats out over who 'won'.

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  • SB
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    Basically, what mr. B said, there is no country, it's about the athletes

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    What's it really matter? Nobody cared about this when the U.S. did not lead in either Gold or total medal count in Salt Lake. Why all the concern now? It's pretty ironic, don't you think?! I stole that line from Alanis Morissette who happens to be Canadian.

    Source(s): If you are going to correct my grammar, then please learn the difference between a direct quotation and an indirect quotation for future reference. Did I ever claim I was quoting verbatim? No, I did not. Do you see quotation marks? No you do not. Thank you, have a nice night my little Canadian friend.
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    Well, did you here how Russia just fired all of it's Olympic Committees...?

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    The ATHLETES win, not the countries.

    Get Over It!

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