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Les groupes de rock sil vous plait?10 points!?

So anyone know some good modern french bands (french lyrics not english please) like Luke or other indie-ish ones?

Promise 10 points for the best answer!

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  • Nana
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    * 6e colonne

    * 222

    * 49 Swimming Pools

    * 10 Rue d'la Madeleine

    * Aching Beauty

    * AaRON

    * Aerolys

    * Alpha Jet

    * AqME

    * Anesa

    * Aude

    * Arno Santamaria

    * Asyl

    * AS Dragon

    * Babylon Circus

    * Bamgli

    * Babylon Pression

    * The Blueberries

    * BB Brunes

    * Les Betteraves

    * Les brats

    * Big Mama

    * Black Bomb Ä

    * Camille

    * Chocolate Pain

    * Daisybox

    * Didier Super

    * The Rusty Bells

    * Dig Up Elvis

    * 91 Eyes Of Harmony

    * Jean-Pierre Danel

    * Debout sur le Zinc

    * Deja vu

    * Déportivo

    * Displann

    * Down to Earth

    * DumDumBoys

    * Eiffel

    * Elfy

    * Elista

    * Edge of Mind

    * Empyr

    * Eths

    * Expérience

    * Exsonvaldes

    * Les Fatals Picards

    * Fis(ch)er

    * 49 Swimming Pools

    * Geraud

    * Gojira

    * Julien Grignon

    * Garage Lopez

    * Guerilla Poubelle

    * Halshimy

    * Heaven's Guardians

    * hey garcons

    * Housebound

    * Hushpuppies

    * Hyperclean


    * Indochine

    * INA ICH

    * Justin(e)

    * Kyo

    * Kaolin

    * KEDEN

    * Krêposuk

    * L' Enfance Rouge

    * La Casa

    * La Jarry

    * Lazy

    * Léoparleur

    * Leopop

    * Les Dazzlings

    * Les Shades

    * Luke

    * Lucky Striker 201

    * Loudblast

    * LTNO

    * Maat

    * Macqueen

    * Madame Kay

    * Mademoiselle K

    * Manimal

    * Marcel et son Orchestre

    * Master Lilith

    * M

    * Melatonine

    * Merzhin

    * Mindlag Project

    * Minimum Serious

    * Mokaiesh

    * MOKSHA

    * Montgomery

    * Muckrackers

    * Music Is Not Fun

    * Mypollux

    * Nad Lune

    * Naast

    * Nemo

    * Nosfell

    * Nude

    * Overhead

    * Le Pélican Frisé

    * Plastiscines

    * Penumbra

    * Pep's

    * Piège à rêves

    * Popact

    * Prime Sinister

    * Programme

    * proXima

    * Psykup

    * Punish Yourself

    * Quidam

    * Radiosofa

    * Rive Despleen

    * Romeo Praly

    * Damien Saez

    * Sakred Plague

    * Santa Cruz

    * Shaïn

    * Soma

    * Stalingrad

    * Stuck in the sound

    * Stupeflip

    * Subway

    * Superbus

    * Syrius

    * Smoking Kills

    * Tarmac

    * Teen Machine

    * Tripod

    * Triste Sire

    * The Brixtons

    * The Kysyl's

    * The Same Grey

    * The Versus

    * Un homme et une femme project

    * Vanity Case (avec Lex Riders)

    * Vegastar

    * Traumatisme

    * Triumviro

    * Les Wriggles

    * Würm

    * Your Shapeless Beauty

    * Zorglüb

    * Zubrowska

    Source(s): you know that I'm french :)
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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Wow. Good question, my fellow resident of the atmosphere. My first question on here was deleted because nobody answered it, but it was: "Who later ripped off the guitar solo from 2:50 to 3:05 of the Who's "Heaven and Hell" off of "Live at Leeds"?" ...and if anyone can figure it out, I'm still curious. It sounded SO familiar when I first heard the "Leeds" album. My first answer was to the question "Yet another one of those questions involving Keith Moon? And it's only 11 am! Okay, so check out how smart I am. Drummer for the Beatles=Ringo Starr. Drummer for the Who=Keith Moon. Beatles + The Who = Moon and Starr! o_0 Lol I'm sure people have figured this out long before me but whatever. I feel superior :) MQ: The 2 Who songs you think are the most different? For example, Boris the Spider and Summertime Blues." I said: "Yeah, it's too bad they were too late into the rock scene (and too far away from Tennessee) to be signed as a duo to Sun Records, huh? When George Harrison and John Entwistle had more recently died, a coworker of mine pointed out that now the Beatles were down to just their bassist and drummer, whereas the Who were now *missing* their bassist and drummer. He followed up with "You see where I'm going with this? Huh? Huh?" I don't think Ringo could hack it to play Keith's drums parts, though... As far as the two most different Who songs: let's go with "It's a Boy, Mrs. Walker" and "The Ox."" My first BEST answer was to someone who asked if Mick Jones and Steve Jones are related, and I pointed out that they were born only two months apart in separate areas of London, so not likely.

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  • David
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    1 decade ago

    Well, first off, kudos to you for your interest in French music! I know some French rock bands, but none of them are recent, and I admittedly have no idea who Luke is. However, if you're interested, you might consider checking out the following if you haven't already:

    Téléphone (I guess you could call these guys "New Wave")

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail


    Jacques Higelin (The song I provided is actually more "rock" and fast tempo than most of his other songs)

    Renaud (An amalgam of rock, pop, and traditional "chansonnier" music)

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    Trust (musically = hard rock, lyrically = more of a punk sensibility than metal)

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    Bérurier Noir (punk/hardcore)

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail


    Malicorne (I guess "folk rock" would be the best label, but only by default)

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    (An old Malicorne song, but this is their lead singer Gabriel Yacoub performing it live with his current band)

    Source(s): Born and used to live in France, but probably about two decades your senior. I know none of this is precisely what you had in mind, but who knows, if you check out some of these songs, you might actually like one or two of them. Or not. ;-)
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  • Taratata is France's programme dedicated to rock.

    Their website does catchup tv which can be viewed anywhere

    Check out Indochine

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