If you don't have internet services, can hackers still have access to what you do on your computers?

I mean, now -a- day, who knows that technological capabilities? Should this be a concern?



Thanks for your answer the first response. But, with the advent of satillite and wirelessness, what prevents hackers from getting into our computers? Or, I'm not understanding the technologies?

Anyone understands how this works and not works?


Update 2:

To answer #3 question:

Would hackers go through all that trouble? I think that now-a-day, "all that trouble" is an overstatement. I mean, have you guys see the PBS program about what computer technologies today are like? I saw it on TV about 2 weeks ago - has anyone saw this program? They spoke about making microprocessors into superdubber micro in size :))

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    If you don't have Internet access to your computer, the only way a hacker would have access to your computer is through physical means.

    They would have to physically gain access to your location and either steal data off the computer directly, or install keyloggers or other hardware/software to allow them access to your stuff.

    They could also attempt to steal CD's or flash drives off of your person if they wanted to gain access to your data.

    But if your computer is sitting locked in your home with no form of network access (wired or WiFi), then there's no way for a hacker to gain access unless you let him physically come in direct contact with your computer.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Not unless they're sitting at the keyboard of your computer. That's kind of like trying to talk to someone on the phone, and the phone not plugged into a phone jack. LOL

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  • 1 decade ago

    Only with physical access to the machine, however you would have to ask yourself whether someone would want to go to all that trouble.

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