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How do you say "don't change" or "never change" in spanish?

Please dont just use a translator. I need someone who actually knows spanish. And the context I mean is not dont change your clothes etc. I mean dont change who you are.

Also, how do you say "did you just fart?" in spanish?

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    You can use the babylon for this purpose. It's the best translator/dictionary in my opinion:

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    Don't change: No cambies

    Never change: Nunca cambies - No cambies nunca [either is fine]

    Did you just fart?: Recien te tiraste un pedo? or Te has tirado un pedo?

    [don't use the suggested "pun" it must be a slang not used in many countries, but "pedo" will be used everywhere]

    Source(s): Native - Argentinian
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    "Nunca, nunca dejar de fumar" does NOT imply certainly not, certainly not give up. It method "Never certainly not quit smoking!" Fumar = to smoke "Never certainly not give up" = Nunca nunca dejes." Dejar = to quit doing anything/give up Good success! =)

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    don't change - no cambies

    never change - nunca cambies

    did you just fart - te acabas de echar un pun/pedo?

    pun and pedo both mean fart

    Source(s): native
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  • don´t change: no cambies

    never change: nunca cambies

    did you just fart?: ¿Te acabas de tirar un pedo?

    (live in Argentina)

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    hello, you can say it in 2 ways "NO CAMBIES!" Y "NUNCA CAMBIES" and forgive me but i don´t know what fart means if is the offensive term so you can say "SOLO TE ENSUCIASTE?" ok that´s all... bye bye

    Source(s): yop
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    "don't change" = no cambia (Pedro doesn't change or They don't change)

    "never change" = nunca cambia (Pedro never change or ....something like the world never change )

    Both are similars expressions.

    Source(s): native speaker
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    nunca cambias or no cambias: Nunca is never and no is don't in this phrase at leeast

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