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Alice or Alyson and Adam or Ashton?

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  • hafwen
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    Are these possible names for characters?

    I like Alice and Adam, but it's not advisable to give characters names that start with the same letter as one another - especially if they are major characters in the story.

    Also, you'd have a case of not only two "A" names, but also two names that begin with a short A sound, and are relatively "soft" sounding names. If you're keen to use names starting with "A," you could try using names that have a contrasting sound - ie. Austin, Augustus, Arvel, Ada, Audrey, Arwen...

    Otherwise it could get confusing for the reader, believe me :o)

    Good luck,

    Hafwen x

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Alice and Adam.

    I like these because they are more classic. But if you want something more modern than the other two are better, but I like Alice and Adam.

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