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Who watched the Olympic closing ceremonies?

If so, what did you think?

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    Shesshhh...if you are a Canadian and are are not a true Canadian.

    It was very clever and showed the world that Canadians are strong and can take what people say about us with a grain of salt.

    The producers of the shows are Australian, just so you know. David Atkins has done most of the opening/closing ceremonies for the last 10 years and he does a fantastic job of producing something that has so many regulations/restrictions and rules (according to the IOC) (IE. The singing of the Olympic Anthem, Greece National Anthem, handing over the flame etc etc)

    I was luck to be a part of both ceremonies and loved every minute of it. They cast was amazing! We all worked super hard and I feel it went over very well. The crowd was super excited and loved the show, the crowd was enthusiastic and a big part of the show.

    What a legacy and something to be very proud of. Don't be embarrassed, and if you are you are far to concerned about what other people think and that should be embarrassing.

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    It was okay.

    I thought that the Sochi presentation was impressive, yet it had a heavy handed scary domineering way about it.

    While I know everyone is saying it was the best ever and that none will ever top it, I cannot agree. One reason is that pretty much every olympics opening/closing tops the last one.

    I liked Shatner's "Canadians Dream Big" speech. However, once they rolled in the really big beavers it began to feel really silly and not in a good way. Someone said that they were making fun of Canadian stereotypes, but I didn't really get that impression. Think it got lost in translation. I actually started to feel embarrassed for the people dragging those things around.

    It just felt a bit cheesy. IMHO.

    I actually liked Torino's closing better.

    <yeah... i'm sure I'll get a lot of thumbs down for that. Just be honest with your self. Do you really think that big beavers and a moose on a string was really needed?>

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    No, I did not watch since I was at school. However, I catched the highlight of it. What I can say is that is was spectacular.Hope to see the same in 4 years time in Sochi, Russia.

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    yes i did watch it but i thought the opening ceremony was a lot better but it was steal okay

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  • J.
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    I did watch it and as a Canadian am embarrassed about it. It was awful.

  • Cj
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    i did. i thought it was pretty good.

    it wasnt boring which was good. and they didnt over do it which was even better

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