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Steele and his fear mongering got leaked out. Read them yet?

Politico posted his plans that got leaked out

Said they will use fear to get donations against Obama in next election

How is this NOT news?

They have called him every name in the book from day one

How will this gain seats for the party of fear and party of no

They only speak to their base

Prepare self to see more ads of President as a joker, with commie, socialist whatever

They love the negative , they love to use fear and have not stopped...why do people believe this how will a rep from Alabama win by supporting this crap...oh yes..by saying IT was not HIM who said it..BUT never distance themselves or speak out against any fear mongering

Is that correct? How many seats will they win...?Does this not prove that using anger and fear is the only way any R get elected....?

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    Fear works in elections, it's a tried and tested manner of campaigning. It works especially well if your base is prone to accepting Obama in a negative manner.

    Again, candidates usually distance themselves from the organizations that conduct this type of campaigning. Typically they stop just short of condoning the practice.

    It has been reported on CNN and MSNBC. I do not watch much of Fox News, but there is not a hint of it on their web site. 3/4/2010 4 PM ET.

  • TAT
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    Fear mongering? Telling the truth is fear mongering? How about lying about global warming and the impending destruction of the world due to cow farts? How about threatening the country that if this health care boondoggle does not pass the economy will never rebound? How about all the fear mongering by the dems about those "Evil oil companies". The Dems are just as guilty.

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    Perhaps the fear mongering will improve so more people will believe it. The old talking points are getting old, maybe they`ll trip up some lib politicians for more material they can work with.

  • Anonymous
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    Rant on little ranter. Did you rewrite the politico article or are you lying like the normal libbie.

    Maybe Obama using the word bankrupt 30 times when pitching health care and stimulus is not fearmongering. Oh maybe he will make up more stories about people dying because they have no health care insurance . LOL What a loser


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    You're pretty much right. Obama has caused enough fear and anger to get Republicans elected again. I thought he was smarter than that, myself.

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