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Phillips 30 inch crt tv Showing a red flashing light?

The Phillips 30 inch crt tv flashes a red light 3 times and then turns off.

What could be the cause of this and how can I fix it?

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    The following directions should help you repair your TV. Remove cabinet, discharge CRT anode connector, ESD all electrolytic capacitors and replace the defective ones. Be extremely careful when replacing the SMD's. Under a lighted magnifying glass check all solder connections for stress cracks and repair all you find. Eyeball all resistors and fuses replacing those you find burned or open. Power unit back up and check to see if operating normal. If smoke or fuse is blown again check all components in the power supply with a DMM. You will probably need the schematic diagram for this one. Also I would check the components in the deflection circuits paying attention to semiconductors and packaged IC's. Power up again and hope for the best. If you still have problems I think you will have to refer it to a professional. I have exhausted all my guesses. Good Luck

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