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Are you close with your parents?

I'm not really that close to my mom or dad...when my dads around I feel all awkward and when im with my mom I dont really talk about anything....Are you close to your parents?


im mostly always in my computer, tv and everything else is in it so its not tht bad...i eventually get things if i want them.

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    My mom died 3 years ago. We were not close because she had a lot of problems and was unstable and verbally abusive. My parents had been divorced for a long time (they divorced 12 years ago) and I've always lived with my dad (and siblings). I kind of regret having missed out on having a good mom to spend time with and be close with, but oh well.

    I'm very close with my dad. My dad is a wonderful person. He isn't the kind of dad that works all day and is just a breadwinner to the family. I'd hate to have one of those. He works part time so he can raise me and my siblings properly. He adopted my half-sister after my mom died, even though it obviously wasn't his responsibility, because he didn't want us to go through life knowing we had a half-sister somewhere out there but not knowing what had happened to her.

    I talk with my dad about everything. I got used to that since I always had to talk to him (since I didn't have a mom) about things that other girls probably wouldn't talk to their dads about.

    My dad comes to all of our events, we're always watching movies together, we go hiking and camping together, and so on. I know a lot of people my age who don't spend any time with their parents or their parents are always busy, and I'm glad it's not like that in my family.

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    Yeah. More with my mum than my dad but it use to be the other way round, it sort of changed as I got older, I find it harder to talk to my dad but with my mum joke around a lot but my dad seems to be a lot more serious.

    Sometimes I get really angry with them, or upset because they do stuff but they are my parents and have given me a good bringing up for 16 years and I can't be oblivious to that. I just make sure I'm not rude, even if I have nothing to say sometime just being in the same room saying nothing actually means a lot more than talking about nothing.

    And maybe its just your age?

  • I was very close with my Wonderful mum, sadly she passed away 3 years ago and I have missed her every second of every day since she went and i'd give anything in the world to hear her voice again or hear her laugh, But I'll never ever get that chance.

    Im close to my dad, not as close as I was to my mum, but were close enough to feel comfortable in each others company!

    Try to get to know your parents better, there's so many things I wish I could have told my mum since I lost her, you have the chance, grab it with both hands and really love and cherish them both while you still have the chance!

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    I'm close to my dad, yes. I like him as a person as well as a parent. He's young, funny, and caring.

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    me and my dad have seriously drifted apart and we contanlty argue but I still love him dearly, as for my mum we are very close.

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    NOPE but when I am far away from them I shore miss 'em.

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