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Soccer question ... What is In - house league?

Trying out for soccer and not sure what that means? To be indoors cause i dont want to be indoors :P

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    Some clubs, schools and park districts may have in-house leagues.

    What it means is that you would play others from within the same organization. That same organization may also have a travel team that would compete against other organizations travel teams from around the area. So if an organization has a large membership, they may divide the players between teams and play each other. This is often used in developmental soccer programs as well.

    As it relates to schools, it can mean that the school does not engage in a large sanctioned league, but still may compete against other schools in a "private" league. You see this sometimes with smaller private schools.

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    What Is House League Soccer

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    Canada league with players with outside associations: in sports, a league composed of teams of players who are locally associated.

    e.g. teams whose players belong to the same school

    Hope I helped :)

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    local team

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