Which paintball Pistol is better!?

I'm looking at a few pistols

First off i don't play at fields but I play a lil backyard stuff...

the Rap4

The RAM x50

and the Walther P99

I DO like the slide on the X50 and P99 BUT they shoot smaller paintballs...are they much harder to find?

any other sugestions are apreciated

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  • 1 decade ago
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    .43 cal paintballs aren't too hard to find, you'd still have to order them, though. They should, however, be more common now that Kingman released their own paintball pistols that shoot the same size. But don't expect to find them at walmart or any sporting goods store - they'll be at paintball shops or online.

    All 3 pistols you listed are similar in performance & quality.

    A couple other pistol options are the Tippmann TPX & Tiberius T8 (or T8.1, whatever they call it, Tiberius only makes one now). They both shoot standard paintballs, although their designs may not be what you're looking for.

    There's also the Goblin micro launcher, which is a goofy little gun resembling a derringer pistol. It shoots standard paintballs but is only capable of firing once, then needs a co2 "recharge" (done w/ its own adaptor plus any co2 tank). Costs $90. It's designed mostly for scenario games or just fun in your own backyard.

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