Can goldfish live with Zebra Danios?

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I'm interested in getting a Shubukin goldfish with them. I have 3 Zebra Danios. Shubukin Goldfish: And I more
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  • Emily answered 4 years ago
Unfortunately not in that tank
A. They require different temperatures,and if a goldfish tank water goes over 65 for a long time it can actually compromise the oxygen in the water for them.
B. That tank is to small for a shubunkin, they need a 15 gallon tank to them selves at least.
If you want to add some more fish for you tank, look into a single gourami, some platy's, some types of tetra's like long skirts, lemon, and neons to name a few. There are many options to add just make sure that fish you add are tropical and wont get over 3 inches.


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Thank you so much, this helped me alot :)
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  • Gary C answered 4 years ago
    Yes, if the tank is large enough, but it's not an especially good combination.

    A 10-gallon tank is too small for goldfish. A Shubunkin needs at least a 30-gallon aquarium.
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  • lodemai_of_bukovina answered 4 years ago
    A Shubunkin goldfish will outgrow a 10g aquarium by himself in a few short years. He'll need closer to 15g to himself. He also requires cool water, about 65-70 degrees max.

    Danios are tropical, requiring temperatures of about 75 degrees minimum. Their diets are also varied. Even with adequate space and a compromised temp, however, the shubunkin would soon grow large enough to eat the danios... As fast as they are, they won't escape forever.


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  • Chozochild answered 4 years ago
    10 gallons too small for a gold fish anyway, instead bump up the school of danios to at leasy five

    and then if you want get 5 smallish corys like peppers or the albino ones.

    then for the top some marble hatchets and then some eay to grow plants like java ferns, and crypts and youll have a beautiful 10 gallon community instead of 1 unhappy gold fish.

    p.s. for the corys,make sure your substrate isnt sharp as that will hurt the corys
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  • fish man+ answered 4 years ago
    Yes, but not in that tank. You will need a 20 gallon min for the combo to work.

    Hope this helps!!!

    P.S. Danios are subtropical, not tropical, so heaters are not required.
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  • pipman23 answered 4 years ago
    Technically, they can as zebra Danios can live in temperatures in the upper 60's to lower 80's, and goldfish can live in the same temperatures. Zebra Danios are technically tropical fish as goldfish are cold-water, therefore experts will say this is a bad idea. Goldfish do get quite large and will eventually eat the danios, however.


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  • Saaa answered 4 years ago
    i thnk no


    i thnk no
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  • Michiee answered 4 years ago
    it depends on the aquarium. Goldfish are messy, and unless the tank is very large, and very well filtered, they tend to produce poor water quality.

    You certainly could mix a couple of Goldfish with a school of Zebra Danios. You would of course need a heater to keep the tank somewhere around 20-22
    degrees C (68-72 F). Although Danios are tolerant of fairly cool conditions, they won't thrive in cold tanks, especially during the winter.
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  • Alisyn F answered 4 years ago
    No, goldfish can only live with other goldfish. They're cold water, different PH, different food, and that tank is to small for goldfish
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