Has the tea party been thoroughly neo-conned yet?

I thought it had so much potential, but of course, instead of Ron Paul being the face, as he was the originator of the tea parties all the way back in 2007 when BUSH was STILL PRESIDENT, we have neo-con queen Sarah Palin. She is an embarrassment to any thinking American. I used to hear tea party and it gave me hope. Now it gives me nausea. I can't wait for the extinction of neocons....


Right Jakeb- The tea party was a revolt against both parties. But Fox and the neocons cleverly jumped on the wagon and made it seem like it was liberals and liberal lites against "the real conservatives" like Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty. YUCK!

Update 2:

Actually Sophie- We are the ones that get hijacked all the time. Liberalism used to mean libertarianism. The conservative movement was started as a LIBERTARIAN MOVEMENT. And now the tea party movement started as a libertarian movement as well. WHY DON"T YOU leave us the hell alone?

Update 3:

CIA- really? I find that hard to believe. Are you a supporter of Palin? If so, it is impossible that you are fighting for MY freedom, because neocons are only there to take it away.

Update 4:

mbush- Ron Paul supporters were having the tea parties long before Rick Santelli called anything. You can watch many of the videos on youtube.....

Update 5:

The coffee party is a joke.....

You republicans just don't get it. These people don't give a **** about u. It's sad how you guys walk around calling liberals brainwashed, but you guys are no better off.

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    Yeah it has changed into a joke of sorts. It's a wasted opportunity. The need to create a strong third option to the two main parties is still unfulfilled. The libertarian movement needs to fully dissociate itself from trash like Glen Beck, who claims to be a libertarian, and develop a stronger identity, it needs a heavy-weight, charismatic leader; Ron Paul is great but he lacks that "it" factor needed to operate as a catalyst.

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    It's been con since the beginning , fighting Obama's progressive health program, joining Palin's mobs and fronting for the Republicans. The ones who were deceived and realized they were bing used have now jumped ship. More power to them The remnants of this movement are trying to take over the GOP, just like the Christian Coalition did some years ago

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    The Tea social gathering flow is the spearhead of the plenty larger Conservative flow. No real Libertarian want what's happening in Washington to what's going to ensue as quickly as Conservatives take administration. The Conservative flow isn't "crammed with neocons" it is shifting the Republican social gathering to the superb. which ability absolutely everyone interior the Republican social gathering can get on board or get out of ways. in case you haven't any longer been protecting up, the Tea social gathering flow has been defeating incumbent Liberal Republicans so we are able to have real Conservatives to help in November. The clearer we define the two events, the better the Conservatives will do. we are shifting united states of america back in direction of Conservatism. If that may no longer stable adequate for Libertarians, you will purely finally end up making yourselves beside the point. Bashing O'Donnell or different Republican applicants purely serves to empower the Left. think of approximately it. If O'Donnell wins in Joe Biden's State, in spite of everything the vitriol and ridicule heaped upon her by the Left, it somewhat is going to likely be a repudiation of Left Wing politics like no longer the rest. in actuality, the Democrat social gathering recognizes this so nicely the Obama himself is heading to Delaware to marketing campaign for Coons. If O'Donnell wins, despite if she does no longer the rest, it somewhat is going to likely be historic. *

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    Tea party is composed of many groups unhappy with the establishment so they are very disorganized. A lot of them don't even have a clear political stand they just hate the establishment. That's why they're easy pickings for the gigantic propaganda apparatus of the state.

    De-propagandization of Tea Party should be prioritized since they already hate the establishment.

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    By the looks of the vastly Pro-Independent-minded Tea Party & anti-GOP sentiments to the post titled "Sarah Palin Says..." on ResistNet.com, I would say that most Tea-Party people are just about as sick of the "neo-cons" as everybody else. Here is what I posted there in response (& in re: to the other title, "Third Party Insanity", the nat'l director Darla took issue w/ how ugly things started to get & pulled the entire topic off the site when a certain Robert Founder got PASTED by anti-GOP sentiments, especially when he referred to Thomas Jefferson as the worst president we ever had!):

    Under Elections 2010 forum, "Third Party Insanity" & "Sarah Palin Says"

    My post follows:


    I get so tired of hearing the same thing from those associated with the "Demopublicans" and "Republicrats", that a 3rd Party vote will "steal away" votes from theirs... Pardon me, but what a load of manure! The only "wasted" vote is one that is cast without meaning, coming from

    somewhere other than one's positions & beliefs. It's as if the voter's ballot was already "owned" by either one or the other???

    Exqweeze me??? If either of the "Big Two" were so dead-on correct, they wouldn't feel threatened when those who hold the Constitution to their hearts in its entirety, respecting it in its parts individually as well as their sum, step away from the current distorted twisted interpretations we have today & express their anger & discontent with the Status Quo, vote for another option. For there's just got to be another option, something better! And there is, there has been for quite some time. The Duopoly know that & they're terrified of it! Take Heart!

    BTW, just how's that good-ole' 2-party thing been working out lately, Hmm??? Swinging from one extreme to the other, growing ever-larger & trampling everyone's rights in the process? Reminds me of the "Dumbell" effect... Einstein said, "Repeating an action over & over again & expecting a different result is the definition of insanity."

    Look, I know that many have strong religious views. That's their right. Refer to the First Amendment. The conflict enters the picture when the funds extorted by the System from the people of one belief system go to support the funding of those of another, as in education, etc. Religious convictions belong in the home & church; freedom of association should guide social & business affairs, & based on mutual respect & personal responsibility, the minimally necessary gov't will allow the people, individually & socially, to each maximize their potential.

    Wouldn't it be fair & appropriate for Big Brother & the Nanny State get out of the "education" business & let it be a function of free choice, & determined by the freedom of association principle, for instance?

    Conservatism is a philosophy whose political expression has been traditionally Republican. Liberalism is a philosophy whose political expression has been traditionally Democrat. The only problem is, basically, one group wants to remove the freedom of choice, and the other, the rights to the fruits of one's own labors. They're both doing the same thing! Hardly Libertarian, & not at all what our Founders had in mind!

    Libertarianism, on the other hand, is a philosophy based on maximum liberty coupled with personal responsibility. Functionally, Libertarians are typically socially liberal yet fiscally conservative. It's as if they've retained what's best about both opposites & combined them in the most intelligent fashion. It's been said, that which governs least, governs best.

    Probably, the Libertarians have had a difficult time politically as I've heard it said that getting Libertarians to all join & work together is more difficult than trying to herd cats... but the concept certainly isn't new & seems to be its greatest strength as well. Our Founders were Libertarian long before the current events had deteriorated enough for the need to to express it politically rose to such a degree; hence, the Libertarian Party was founded in 1971. In a Libertarian world, there wouldn't be the need to make the distinction & "politics" as a "party" concept would be based on mutual respect, not coercion & force.

    Is it a pipe dream? No, but it will be as long as there are so many of those who still think that voting for the "winner" or needing to feel that they did, is more important than voting one's conscience.

    Still working for Liberty in our lifetime,

    Gwendolyn "Wendy" Jones, Sec'y.

    Sussex Co. & DE State Libertarian Party

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    Sarah Palin: check

    Glenn Beck: check

    Support GOP candidates: check

    Bashing Ron Paul: check

    Yep, they've turned to the dark side.

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    Seems like it. Fox is in love with it.

    On their website, they defend W Bush's spending habits.

    And they're pro-war.

    They're not true patriots anymore. They've been neo-conned.

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    Keep in mind that Sarah and other GOP latched on to the tea party, not the other way around.

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    Yep – it started just about the same time the Tea Party was formed, as far as I can tell.

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    Perhaps the 'coffee party' is to your liking if you don't like stale tea...

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