Do you believe in such a thing as a soul or spirit?

and if you do, do you believe it is eternal?

If you don't , I would really appreciate why you have taken that stance. Im not religious at all, but I am pretty spiritual. That being said, I am always one who is trying to falsify my own beliefs.


efqy - all fine points. Thank you. I admit, it is a bit of wishful thinking on my part. But I hope i'm right. I would hate to see people who do terrible harm to innocent people to get away with it. I like the idea of karma, and it can only exist if such an entity exists.

Update 2:

efqy- when I say spiritual I mean i believe there are things out there that are metaphysical, but I don't really buy into one religion or another. I don't really know what God is or if there is a God, but I do think that there is something beyond this realm.

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    Here's what I know, and I also do not believe in any man-made gods, a scientist created a scale which can measure infitesimal weights, like the slight corner of a piece of paper, and configured it to hold a human body. He placed terminally ill volunteers on the scale at their time of death and the weight changed by a slight amount precisely at the time of death before gases or air had escaped the body.

    I believe there is something different about humanity I believe our consciousness is connected. I have seen the human animal do amazing things, rid themselves of cancer, heal with thought and preform amazing acts of strength and courage. I believe in quantum mechanics. Therefore I believe we do have a metaphysical existance, call it a soul or a spirit.

    A great reference and a fun movie is What the Bleep Do We Know

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    Hell ya dude. Black people show it in their music all the time.

    Seriously I do. Religion and spirit are too different things. It's like the American dream and the sh*t that these politicians have done to mess it up.

    The American dream is what it should be. (You and me know what that is.) And what it has become is rich greedy undeserving people have taken it and redesigned it over time to become a money making business of mass destruction.

    If we could remember we would all kill ourselves because it is beautiful. I died for a few minutes when I was young. I saw people who loved me. I can't explain it. But my great grandmother told me it wasn't my time and i jolted back into my body. It was the worst experience and I know without a doubt what the truth is and no one can really put it into words.

    The rules I live by are don't follow anyone. Be a good person and live up to a person who you can be proud of. I always look at decisions made by people and critique them. Then I apply it in my own life and try to be the best guy I can. It makes most people feel good to do right in the world.

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    No, I don't

    > If you don't , I would really appreciate why you have taken that stance.

    It's not a "stance" to lack belief in something. You either believe it or you don't.

    But I don't tend to just accept extraordinary claims without evidence. The existence of something you can't measure in any sense, and that you can't examine the effects of is an extraordinary claim. People want to believe it because it allows for the comforting thought that death is not final, that something lives on. But I can't simply take an idea as true because it's merely comforting. It needs to have a chance of actually being true. That takes some kind of evidence.

    > Im not religious at all, but I am pretty spiritual.

    What are you using the word "spritiual" to mean here?

    > That being said, I am always one who is trying to falsify my own beliefs.

    Then what do you do about deliberately unfalsifiable beliefs? If I somehow got you to believe there's an invisible pink unicorn in my fridge (blessed be her holy hooves), how could you eliminate that false belief?

    "souls" and "spirits" are invisible pink unicorns in your fridge. How are you going to falsify them? You can't, they've been constructed to be unfalsifiable. That doesn't mean you should lend them belief, because I can make a million unfalsifiable claims.

    Are you going to accept them all, even the ones that contradict other unfalsifiable claims?

    Either bring some evidence, or admit (if only to yourself) that your belief in a soul is based on little more than wishful thinking.

    Try to answer this: How would the world look if there were no souls or spirits, but just a lot of people who *thought* there might be?

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    I believe that all human beings have a conscious (and an unconscious) state of awareness what is commonly referred to as a soul. When a person dies the disembodied soul does not float away to the Kingdom of Heaven or hell.

    The physical body decomposes and returns to dust. The soul is in a temporary state of non existence or what the Bible refers to as....sleep.

    All who die will be resurrected (at the Kingdom Of God) to an immortal state and the soul is reunited to form a new body just like Adam and Eve had before they transgressed in the Garden of Eden.

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    I believe that humans and yes other animals have a soul. Why? Cuz I'm afraid of dying and being merely food for parasites. That fear pretty much drives the engine of my noodle to search for reasons why I'm more than the sum of my parts. Therefore, I think about the perfect order of the universe and I say it can't be merely the result of a godless big bang but an intelligent design, no fundie-mental-ism involved, only straight up "crazy cat at the nip." And of course if God exists, then it follows that of course I must be created in His image and therefore have a soul. I also think about how amazing it is we hu-mans can understand & commiserate with each other and say AHA! we couldn't possibly understand each other if we didn't have soul! I see in my pets a connection beyond being cute & cuddly shitting machines but sense their capacity to love love and I believe a spirit that is not merely a function of survival so I say AHA that's proof they have souls and Zee-ster will be with me in Heaven.

    I was raised (sort of) Catholic and their mass and lovely music by Bach pretty much beat it into my head at A) God exists B) He gave us his "one and only" Son who hated the money changers as much as I do C) Bach is proof all by himself of God's existence and D) if I suffer the humiliation that is "confession" all will be forgiven and I'll make it to the pearly gates and thus not be merely food for maggots.

    The Reverend Zee-ster

  • You don't have to be religious to be spiritual, spirituality is more so having a connection with yourself, the nature of yourself. It can also mean being in touch with reality & nature of things. I actually do believe in a person's soul and having one because you wonder how and where all our thoughts are formed from. I mean there is scientific explanation but its all mambo jumbo to me. The most reasonable thing to think is that there is something deeper within ourselves something that resonates within us and makes us functional and I believe it is a soul, after all we are spiritual beings, religious or non religious.

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    With this subject you have to take what we know... not much. if we do have a soul we don't remember it because our memories were wiped clean sometime either before we were born or when we were little.

    With this to chew on.. and how I see it.. religions were created to control the people and earn enough money to build empires. These self proclaimed prophets and leaders would make up rules to meet their needs. I meant wants. not needs. der

    Some times I feel people after they pass. It would make sense to have a soul because we have great minds that control these earthy bodies.

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    No, I don't. There is nothing to suggest a soul exists. It's just wishful thinking. Otherwise you wouldn't have people having to imagine when a person gets a soul. Or why each person has exactly one soul (the ancient egyptians thought people had two souls).

    As soon as it's detectable, then I'll start believing in them. Until then, all you have is imagination, and even imagination that is accidentally right is merely imagination.

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    no longer something you pronounced there logically follows from a prior fact. you do no longer ought to have self belief in a soul to be in R&S. you do no longer inevitably ought to have spirits and a God you have got one yet no longer the different. You anticipate that something happens after we die and then end with an fact of what does take place after we die even however there is not any info for the type of element. at the start, do you ought to have self belief in a spirit to be in this area properly for sure no longer. asserting which you do is like asserting with the intention to have an interest interior the background of the 0.33 reich you ought to be a nazi. My factor is you do no longer ought to purchase into it with the intention to have an opinion on it. And in case you compromise for the life of spirits (which btw is incomprehensible on account which you haven't any longer defined what a spirit is, basically what it is not) you do no longer inevitably ought to settle for a god. because of the fact one sort of something exists does no longer recommend all a threat varieties of it exist. Mammals exist, great foot if he exists is a primate that could make him by definition a mammal, does that recommend that on account that mammals exist great foot ought to additionally exist? We comprehend what happens on loss of existence. each and every thing all of us be conscious of correct to the human strategies (rather lots presently) exhibits us which you, the bit with strategies and thoughts, is something that your cerebral cortex does. information is an emergent assets of the complexity of the human strategies. once you die, you're strategies ceases to function. You exist as this affiliation of neurons that are in turn produced from atoms, once you die this affiliation is lost. loss of existence is merely the top of your life, regardless of if we like it or no longer we are no longer immortal. I recommend think of approximately it if it substitute into the soul and not the strategies is what animates the physique, or is composed of the assumption technique of the guy, then why are bullets during the top a stable way of killing human beings? If the physique is lively by some sort of supernatural ingredient then there is not any reason that any actual trauma ought to reason loss of existence. the place is this interplay between the actual and the ill defined "religious"? Btw in case you have an interest i'm able to describe in some element the cognitive mechanisms that bring about the thought in spirits and afterlives.

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    We are ALL Spiritual beings, having a human experience, in a human body.

    When you die, your body is still there. It's only your Soul/Spirit that leaves your body. Your Soul/Spirit is the essence of who you are.

    Without your Soul/Spirit you are just and empty body.

    Your Soul/Spirit follows you from one incarnation to the next. During each incarnation, you learn your Karmic lessons, and repay your Karmic debts. When you are done, you are ready to enter the

    perfect Kingdom of Heaven.

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