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Is there any place in Ottawa that neuters big dogs for cheap?

i have a great dane and hes 6 months and already fixed but i paid 600 dollars for it. My friend doesn't have that kind of money and she has a st Bearnard and can't afford 600 dollars, i told her she shouldn't get a dog if she can't afford it but anyway, here i am asking for some advice for her. Her dog weighs 95 lbs at 6 months (we got our puppies together) hes a big puppy so does anyone know where she can get him fixed? he has his first set of 3 shots and his rabies. If anyone knows anything could you please give me the phone number as well as how much it will cost. Thanks :)

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    The best thing to do is find a vet in the surrounding countryside. (Perth and beyond in Lanark County). Country vets usually charge less. The larger the city (Ottawa is a govt town so very expensive) the higher the prices. (just like Toronto). These vets usually depend on farms for income and pets are usually cheaper,. You may have to travel about an hr or hr and a half but the prices are usually worth it.

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