Which careers are the most easiest to get jobs in?

I want to complete a college program that has a 100% employment rate. I live in Ontario, Canada. Which program of study or careers would you recommend?


Also wanted to add that I'm not too good in math or science. I would have done something in the computer/IT field if I was.

Update 2:

Aside from nursing. thank you

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    I believe anything in healthcare is good, along with engineering. I believe healthcare is a little bit more interesting. Environmental engineering is almost a sure thing considering that green technology is a growing field.

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    While I don't think there's anything with a 100% employment rate, if you're willing to do crazy schedules what about becoming a nurse?

    Else, when I was in high school, they kept telling us to go study in computer science and electronics. I didn't do that and that was a good thing, because those who did graduated after the 2001 crash and none of them are working in that field now.

  • Yogi
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    ha ha ha is there such a job that has a 100% employment rate and if so tell me about it. Well to me all the good jobs include math and science the good news is you only have to be "C" average to get a degree. Don't let math and science frighten you from getting a good job. You'll be fine.

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    1 decade ago

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    1 decade ago

    none have 100 percent...

    but nursing is VERY HIGH UP on always needed...

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