I need CONS (not pros) of Euthanasia pls?

This is for an English essay.


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    I am assuming you are not referring to physician assisted suicide which is legal in Oregon and Washington.

    1) Single largest moral offense is violating a person's free will. To forcibly take a person's life without cause is a moral wrong.

    2) Due process demands that there be due process, and criminal action on the part of the person. Euthanasia jumps over injury to society. Outliving the actuarial tables is not an injustice.

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    You're taking away those last precious few days of your loved on writhing in agony.

    A magical cure could be discovered at the last second (actually, this is impossible now because new drugs require years and years of testing before they can even start trials).

    Jeebus will be mad.

  • h1e2r4
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    1 decade ago

    To facilitate the death of another human being who has not committed a crime that warrants the death penalty is murder. Regardless of your intentions. And the death penalty may only be carried out by those individuals designated by law to do so. Do not confuse this with deliberately killing someone to prevent the imminent death of yourself or someone else.

  • KevinM
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    I'd quote "The Meaning of Life":

    "I'm not dead yet!"

    "Yes he is..."

    "NO I'm NOT!"

    "Well, 'e will be soon..."


    "Can you help me out here?"


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