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Hi there,

We are starting a club at my high school for purity and waiting to have sex until marriage. The problem is we know there is many people that wish to wait, but are too nervous to come out to the meeting. We are looking for a way to get the school more involved with the club. A suggestion is a full day retreat with speakers and such. Instead of having weekly meetings we would cram it into a couple days. If you have any ideas, we would appriciate it. thanks

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    One place where you could start is by creating a Yahoo! Group with the feature turned off allowing for email addresses to appear. In this manner you can gauge interest in it with the need of people worrying about becoming a curiosity. I'm an old fart, but this interest me because I'm work on the results from frequent, out of wedlock, sexual behavior in teens, as well as adults. For 21 years, I've worked on the issues of fathers and the legal system. Here's something I've written on the subject, as well as marriage.


    This is not going to sound good, but I would like to mention something as regards boys that they don't know about, and may encourage them to join.

    In January of 2009, on the Tyra Banks Show, she featured a study, as well as a representative sample of young women, that showed 20% of sexually active girls, ages 12-18, were TRYING to get pregnant, rather than having an ACCIDENTAL pregnancy. That's 1 out of 5 girls they are having sex with want to make them into fathers. And, using protection, or just having oral sex, does not prevent it with these girls. There are Self Insemination Kits available online with instructions on how to use semen from a used condom, or after oral sex, to do it, alone with how to know the peak time of the month for doing it.

    The condom need not even been used in the girl who got pregnant from it. It can be given to a friend for use. The cause of a pregnancy cannot be raised as a defense, in deciding that the boy, or his parents, are obligated to pay child support. Even young boys, with whom an adult woman had sex, must pay child support, regardless of the fact that what the woman was doing was illegal.


    Further, a girl can deny that a young man is the father of her child, than wait up to 23 years (depending on the state) to file a retroactive child support order on him. I had a case in 1998, involving a Michigan man who was ordered to pay $85,000 for 14 years in retroactive child support on a child he was told at the age of 13, was not his. The amount was based solely on what he was earning at age 26, meaning he was charged for not paying $500 a month in child support when he was 13 years old. Based on the minimum wage for 1985, that meant he owed 100% of the monthly income from a full time, minimum wage job.

    The boys jut do not fully understand, or taught, what they are getting themselves into.

    What you are doing is very smart and honorable, but don't let information on the subject get distorted. Adults like to claim that teenage pregnancies account for the majority of out of wedlock births, for any age group. They don't. Women age 24 to 28 do. Age 24 is when you reach full maturity and enter the peak reproductive period. They as a group have far more Oops pregnancies than any other, of which 30% are unable to clearly identify who the father is, according to the rate of reported negative result paternity tests.

    Finally, though I don't know if it would be of much help, according to studies conducted by the United Nations, teenagers who are members of Jehovah's Witness, have the lowest rates of sexual activity outside marriage. Lower than even that of the Amish.

    Good luck. If there's anything an old fart can do to help, just let me know. That is my real name above, so you can look it up on the Internet, as well as find me on FaceBook. I'm a grandfather and live in a nursing home in Overland Park, Ks.


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    First off I have to say...kudos to you kid!

    I wish that we'd had a club like that when I was in high school! I should have started one I guess...


    To answer your question. Kids like getting together, food, having fun, games, etc. So my advice to you would be to make the meeting fun somehow. Another thing that you could do is make it an after-school thing. Meet at someone's house (kind of like a small group or a youth group) that way the "other" kids at school who want to make fun of and bully the kids attending won't know who's going unless they attend the group meeting. You might be able to make use of a local church for meetings, but that might not be the best idea because some kids might not come just because it's in a church. Try to make it accessible to everyone without forgetting why you are meeting (in other words, don't compromise the main focus of the group just to get people to come.)

    I wish you all the best of luck!

    I hope this helps!


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    First of all, I think what you are doing is AWESOME! There are not many young girls/ guys who can say that they are waiting until marriage and for that, you should be commended! Have you thought of asking a local youth minister to help? They love getting involved with stuff like that and are experienced with organizations and clubs like yours. Create a Facebook group for your schools True Love Waits group and invite friends to join that way...maybe if it's online, it will be easier for those hesitant people to "join" the club!

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    That seems like a weird thing to start a club for. Aren't they usually for interests and activities? The only interest is not having sex. And the only activity is not having sex. I can't imagine many people wanting to let everyone know their personal beliefs and also spending their time talking about them with other people for that long.

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    Perhaps if you make it more about a personal choice to practice restraint and live a consciously determined life in all ways than about patriarchal impositions of value on young people's bodies you'll attract a wider variety of people?

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    Well I think an online group should be a huge part of it. Not everyone would want others to know that they want to wait as they feel that they might be causing a storm of "peer pressure" to do the opposite.

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    They shouldnt be nervous to go out there. If you believe in something, you should believe in it 100%.

    I'm not sure I have any ideas for this, but GREAT job getting this started:)

    I think this is a great club to have for a highscool.

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    free food or integrate it into the school day so people get to leave class to go to it. Incentives go a long way

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