Do you think your personality type has a lot to do with your political leanings?

I had taken a meyr-Briggs test a while ago, and I came up as an INTJ. I checked out a forum for other INTJ's, and there was a poll asking which political party do you align with. What I noticed was that more people chose libertarian than democrat and republican combined. I'm also a very hardcore libertarian, and thought that it was pretty interesting that there is such a high correlation between the two. Unluckily for me, only 1% of the population are INTJ, and so we really have no political power.

If you have taken a myer-briggs test, would you also list those results along with party. I would like to see if there are any other correlations as well..

Here's the link to the site just in case you guys wanted to see the poll.


requiem- you actually believe government is benevolent? An entity that wields a monopoly on violence and coercion is going to be benevolent? Ya youre quite the intellectual.

Update 2:

I should also add that it was not my party that caused me to think that way because at the time I took this test, I was a liberal. I didn't even know what libertarianism means. I was immediately attracted to it though after I heard Ron Paul in 07.

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    I'm not going to take some lengthy test, but you can probably guess where I stand politically by my personality and beliefs. I believe there are most assuredly such things as good and evil in the world, and don't buy into the whole "if it feels good do it" mantra. I believe that one should play by the rules and if one chooses not to do so he should be punished swiftly and severely. I believe the stupidest retort ever uttered is, "You think you're always right". Of course I think I'm always right. Have you ever known anyone to start a discussion with, "I know I'm full of crap, but..."?

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    I took two versions of this test overtime. In one I was an INTJ, in the other an INTP. Since the last is about 3.3% of the population, I am in the minority in any case.

    Yes, I believe my personality has all to do with my political choices. I don't fit anywhere. I'm not a republican, democrat, libertarian. I guess I would be classified as an independent then. However I find it hard to identify myself with only one big group. I lean towards what makes sense to me in each instance, and find that this is not a quality (making sense) connected with any specific group. I fluctuate between them in a case by case basis and don't feel I belong anywhere really. Once I read that the most unhappy group of people (politically) are those who can't identify themselves as republican or democrats. I totally agree. I am never totally happy politically since "my party" is never in power and will never be considering it does not even exist as such. But happy or not, the fact is that I fully and naturally identify with quiet rebellion and conscious isolation, and there's nothing I can or want to do about it.

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    I have my critiques on the MBTI, specifically on the relationship between introverted sensing and introverted intuition. I like Lenore Thomson's thoughts and reevaluation on it.

    I've taken both the behavior and function based versions of the test, I score INTJ as well, though I consider myself right wing more than anything else, I have some libertarian principles but I don't consider myself a libertarian. I would like to make my own political party above all else.

    In regards to MBTI and political affiliation, I've explored this for quite a while, and yes it does have some correlation to party affiliation.

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    Maybe, I just took the test and I am a former liberal turned libertarian for the last 3 years. I am an INTJ just like you!

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    Yes, I think it does. I am a Socialist Libertarian. Libertarian in the areas of civil rights and liberties. Socialist in the area of economics, social justice, and a fairer distribution of resources.

    I have seen a number of studies which suggest a correlation between personality and Politics. The following come to mind, Teodor Adorne's The Authoritarian Personality, Milton Rokeach, The Open and Closed Mind, and Eric Hoffer's The True Believer His book on Fanaticism

    Source(s): See Aove Ph.D in Clinical Psychology
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    I'm not sure. I think it has more to do with what I notice around me. In the heavily democratic areas of my county, the schools are terrible, the cities are full of crime, and people are poor. No one is helping them out of their poverty by ridding the cities of crime and giving them more opportunities. Unwed pregnancy is a major problem. I live in NJ and it can be dangerous. We are a mostly blue state. I also look at Detroit too; one of teh most liberal places ever. They spend 11,000 $ per head per student and like around 30 percent of the kids graduate. They have abandoned home and crazy drug use. Also, New York really improved in terms of crime and infrastructure under a Republican mayor in the 90's. Because I have noticed these things, I am now a conservative.

    I mean, I used to be so liberal because the teachers really indoctrinate you in school. i was like yeah, corporations are bad, they take advantage of people, blah, blah, blah. While my history teachers were great at making us think for ourselves, our English teachers were really outspoken about their political views. Two of them told the kids that they were convinced America attacked itself on 9/11 to start a war to obtain oil. They also showed a documentary comparing 1984 to the freaking Bush Administration. I think it has to do a lot with education.

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    That's interesting. I'm not really sure if my personality has anything to do with my beliefs. Where did you take that personality test?

    EDIT- Whoa! How ironic. I scored as INTJ as well...... Perhaps that does have some sort of effect on my political leanings.

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    It's also why some persons choose certain policies and others would rather opt out from; the problem is there is an agency/organization in the current government, that is attempting to normalize public policy for "all people" when America is built upon the recognition of individual rights.

    Socialism will kill what is best about the USA and it's people.

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    I am an INFJ. Yes, I think it has a lot to do with my political leanings. I have always been a Dem but am leaning toward Libertarian.

  • Yes..

    BTW don't hold your breath for liberals to take the test...

    There is no cheat sheet or teleprompter available like they are used to having with most test they skate through!!

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