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Bring spouse from Canada to USA?

I am USA permanent resident. and got married with canadian permanent resident. if i want to bring him into usa how long is it going to take.

* How i can apply for him. File I-130 or its better he apply for USA visa from Canada.

Also; Can i apply for USA citizenship while i am in canada and just go back to USA when i am going to get Biometrics and Interview. or i have to be in USA when i file my application.


pianojangee : Thanks for the answer

so what i am going to add in the trip part. I am in Canada right now. so when i am going to file my application from canada what should i put in the trip part. since its not complete Trip. I left USA on Feb 1.....

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    You can file I-130 any time you want. However, he has to wait until immigrant visa becomes available to apply for the actual green card. Spouse of Permanent Resident is Family Based 2a Preference and currently there is 4 years of wait (6 years if he is Mexico Citizen).



    You can apply US Citizen anywhere, however, make sure you maintain your Permanent Resident status by physically living in US at least 6 months of each 5 years to be eligible to file N-400.


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    It's going to take at least 4 years before a visa becomes available to bring your spouse to the USA to live.

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    Spousal visas are do not have a quota if you are a US citizen but do have a quota if you are only a permanent resident. Therefore it is likely the fastest way to get your spouse to the US is by naturalizing.

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