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Are Feeder Guppies Safe?

Hey, in my aquarium I have 2 ACFs, 1 blood parrot cichlid, 2 silver dollars, and I'm getting 2 peacock eels, very soon.

Just wondering would it be safe to have like 5-10 guppies in my tank for feeder guppies, or for them to spawn and their fry be live food for my ACFs and eels?

My ACFs have never eaten another fish, so I don't think they would eat the guppies, maybe their fry. If they happened to eat the guppies would this be dangerous for them?

The reason I want to get the guppies is so their fry can be live food for my eels, that I'm getting.

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    NO they don't work out like that, trust me, they aren't to good for them either. The best thing to feed is freeze dried, frozen, or fresh tubifex, blood, black, or white worms. Brine shrimp os also good, but no feeder guppies just aren't very good for them, not to mention they will entice your fish to start possibly taking a nip out of each other. Also your new eels might just eat the Blood Parrots and/or ACFs.

    Hope this helped.

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    Yes feeders are safe. Remember 1 male to 4 or more females will produce the most fry.

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