Is Rand Paul taking the right approach by not being as libertarian as his dad?

I think Rand is taking the right approach. As much as I would like him to be Rothbard from day one, we all know that can't happen. Voters are not ready for libertarianism in its entirety. In just the same way the Republic didn't transform itself into leviathan overnight, we cannot liberate everything with one swing of the bat. We have to take baby steps. unless there is a huge crisis and we can get an ANTI-FDR in office to turn back the clock about 100 years. One can make the argument that we area already at a point where the system is teetering on the brink of collapse, so there may he hope yet, but I think, until that time, if it comes to pass, we have to take the incrementalist approach.

For one, voters don't really understand the libertarian platform. They understand we are against things like drug criminalization, but they think it is because we are libertines. They see themselves as taking the high road, morally speaking, by going against decriminalization. Because of the structure of main stream media, and the ever-decreasing attention span of people, everything you say must fit into a sound byte. This doesn't give time for a well-reasoned explanation, and then it is taken out of context, or misinterpreted by radio/tv personalities. The mainstream media is not very friendly to the libertarian message in the 1st place, and so they will help paint it in a very negative light, assuming they don't ignore it altogether. This is why I think Rand is doing the right thing and "slow-playing his hand" instead of going "all in" the way his dad did in 07.


TJTB- Not accepting would have been political suicide. You cannot shoot yourself in the foot, especially when everyone is already after you.

Update 2:

B Side- All fine points.

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    I don't think Ron Paul was too interested in winning the Presidential Nomination of the Republican Party. He said repeatedly that he just wanted to use the debates as a platform to get the message out. It worked better than he could have hoped for. Ron Paul isn't a politician because he needs to make money or have power; he's in it because he wants to live a life consistent with his values.

    You ask if Rand Paul is taking the right approach. His father IS taking the right approach. If Rand is really possessed of libertarian values like his father, he shouldn't try to hide them to get a ride in politics. He should be honest and forthright, whether it spells victory in politics or not. Living a life of integrity and honesty according to good values IS a victory.

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    of course he isn't. it is why he's a Republican. Rand Paul is a Republican with many Libertarian ideals. opposite to what you think, one does not ought to march in lockstep on each and every subject to be a Libertarian, or a Republican. I ensue to be a Conservative Libertarian who needs abortion limited to. and that i'm an atheist! you do not ought to affix the Christian suited to have faith abortion is killing of harmless unborn babies because of fact the mummy would not desire to settle for the accountability of her sexual options.

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    I think he is, it's hard to win with a more pure libertarian platform because it sounds too radical for most people. I'll vote for any candidate like him if a libertarian is not running or seen as having a chance.

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    When he accpeted (albeit reluctantly) Palin's endoresemnt, he lost all of my respect. I hope he can redeem himself by distancing himself from the pseudo-conservative neocons. I prefer his dad's approach. It may not have been the most winning, but it never included selling out his ideals for votes, which is precisely the beauty and the core of his message.

    BTW good to see you Zen, I hadn't seen you around in a while...

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    It's dead even from recent straw polls, but i think RAnd will win.

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    No, I hope we have a REAL Tea Party candidate beat him.

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