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Urban Decay make up-Alice in Wonderland?

Does the Alice in Wonderland shadow book have basically the same shadows as the shadow book vol. 2 by urban decay?


Thanks guys i noticed that only a few didn't match so i guess i will save some money just go with my books of shadows =D

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    Actually, the Ammo Palette contains most of the colours from the Alice in Wonderland palette. Book of Shadows Volume 2 only has a couple.

    Ammo has the folowing eyeshadows which also appear in the Alice Palette:

    Last Call, Grifter, Chopper, Sin, Polyester Bride, Oil Slick and Maui Wowie

    I actually have both the Book of Shadows Vol. 2 and the Ammo Palette, and I can tell you that the Ammo Palette gets much more use, however; the BOS Vol. 2 comes with a mini primer potion and 2 eyeliners, so BOS Vol. 2 is probably a better overall value.

    Good luck!

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  • A little bit. I looked at both and they had some different colors. Don`t buy this if you already have the book of shadows 2 though, because they are kinda similar and it would be wasting money.

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    I think there are actually only four that appear in both: homegrown, midnight cowboy rides again, mushroom, and twice baked.

    The Book of Shadows 2 includes AC/DC, ecstasy, flipside, gunmetal, half baked, homegrown, jinx, midnight cowboy rides again, misdemeanor, mushroom, nylon, perversion, sellout, sphynx, twice baked and YDK.

    The Alice palette contains (with the Alice-specific name in parentheses) baked (Oraculum), chopper (Chessur), flash (Underland), grifter (Curiouser), homegrown (Absolem), last call (Queen), maui wowie (Wonderland), midnight cowboy rides again (Midnight Tea Party), mushroom (Mushroom), oil slick (Jabberwocky), painkiller (Alice), polyester Bride (White Rabbit), S&M (Vorpal), sin (Drink Me Eat Me), twice baked (Mad Hatter), and X (Muchness).

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  • Fifi
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    they re named some of the shades to fit the movie so i would say they be around the same

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