I've been getting severe head achs. Is it normal?

I have been getting one to two severe head achs in the last little while. These head achs make my head feel extremely dizzy, it feels like a tension head ach but its not because ive had those before. My head feels all congusted and all I can feel is pounding sharp pains on the side of my head. Is that a bad sign? What can it mean? Should I go to the doctors for it or is normal. im 18 female 5'8" and 140 lbs. Im not stressed anymore than the normal person (ie. dont have much going on in my life to be stressed about).

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    Difficult to say what's going on here without more information or having a look, However, if this has come on fairly recently and quickly it probably isn't too serious and is fixable. Migraine headaches exhibit some of these symptoms, often with visual disturbances, dizzyness can occur as well sometimes. The best advice is to see your doctor as the first port of call, and then on to the osteopaths or chiropractors if that doesn't work.

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    A headache is a sign that something is wrong which you need to correct. It may be that everyone gets headaches therefore they are a "normal" occurrence , but it isn't healthy.

    Look into getting an MRI to rule out certain problems that can cause your kind of headache.

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