Severe Chest Pains. PLEASE HELP!!?

This morning I woke up and my chest was very tight. I didnt think much of but as the day goes on I have sharp stabbing pains in my chest. Heres an update on how im feeling.My chest is only getting tighter as the day goes on and it still hurts whenever I breath in through my nose, sit up properly, stretch or make any movement like that. The "crushing" (feels like someone or somethings sitting on my chest and thus crushing it) is in the direct middle of my chest. The sharp stabbing pains havent gone away either its actually moved from the middle of my chest to right rib(right under my right breast) and now to the left side (right above where my heart is). I haven't had any shortness in breath though just the pain. I also am extremely exhausted today... more then usual. Like I got over 9 and a half hours of sleep last night and ever since I opened my eyes this morning I have just felt exhausted and tired. Im also getting really bad pounding head achs (the same ones ive been getting for the last two weeks) and all I can feel is throbbing on the right and left sides of my head.

Do you think I should go to the ER or Doctors? Do you think the head achs and the exhaustion is related to the chest pains? Let me know whatever you think thanks.

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    I would be tempted to go to ER because it is unlikely that someone on here will have the medical expertees about this, and if they do would you want to trust them? To me it does sounds like a serious condition what you have, and the only other possible cause of these symptoms would be panic attacks and acute anxiety and if you do not suffer from that and have similar symptoms with that, then it is probably a medical problem you need rapid diagnosis and fast treatment for because it sounds like it has came on very fast and is quite severe and causing significant discomfort, and because you have not described other cold or flu symptoms, it does not sounds like one of these. I am not saying that you should panic or suggesting it will be life threatening, but there is the chance that it may be the type of thing which could pose a risk to you if it is not treated and it is a risk not worth taking if it is that bad.

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    The first thing you should do is see your GP or local family doctor. It could be anything from something wrong with your heart to having really bad indigestion or anxiety or something else. You dont say when it happens ie daytime or night time or after exercise or anytimes etc. Or what causes it ie certain foods or situtation ie stressful times There are quite a few free medical advice websites you could look at but as with any searches you must realise that the only way to find an answer with some one with medical expertise that can find out what is the matter. This sites casn be useful to see if any of your symptoms match what they say and it could be possible you may be suffering from something they list. But it doesnt replace medical advice from some one with medical knowledge. Your doctor can refer you onto to a specialist who can preform tests to check out for certain things and find out what is the matter. Dont delay seeking treatment as it could worsen your situation.

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