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Dragon age origins tank build......again?


im a 2 handed lvl 19 regular grey warden.

i was wondering the best tank build for a 2 hander.

What class should i be?(champion,berserker,reaver etc)

what's th best 2h weapon?

whats the best armour?

And finally best party members to have


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    Weapon: Yusaris or Ageless

    *Yusaris is found in the Mages tower and Ageless is found in Orzamar

    Armor: Blood Dragon Armor (DLC), Juggernaut Armor, or Legionaire Armor

    *Juggernaut is found in Dalish Quest, Legionaire found in Orzamar search for the Anvil of the Void

    Party: I would suggest Wynne, Leliana, and I usually use Sten, Ohgren, or Alistar for the last one, and if you don't have Wynne I would use Morrigan

    Specialization: Berzerker and either Champion or Reaver

    Source(s): Multiple 2-Handed Playthroughs
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    put it all in str and cons since u swing your weapons really slow u have to have health and alot of damage rest put in willpower

    be a champion and berserker so u could knock down enemies and dishing out damage= easy kills

    use an axe called Faith's Guard in the urn of sacred ashes quest

    as for armour get effort armor set or juggernaut armor

    you need to have at least Wynne so you will be healed and and lelianas skill i forgot what it was called but it was her first bard skill it will add your stamina remeber to activate powerful swings and indomitable everytime even if your not in a fight cause of its long cool down and then another tank i usually go with leliana,allistair,and wynne but if its a boss battle i switch to morrigan,wynne,and my dog cause he has like 350 life so i hope this helped

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    Far Cry 2, unless I'm very mistaken, is a typical FPS. Dragon Age: Origins is a medieval fantasy RPG. If you like RPGs, get Dragon Age. If you like FPSes, get Far Cry 2. The two are so far removed from one another that getting the type of game you don't like will be sheer misery for you. Whichever type of game you like, get it. Personally, I prefer RPGs to FPSes anyday. I have played the hell out of Dragon Age: Origins and loved every minute of it. Bioware rocks!!!

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