What should I do in preparing for a first date? (from online dating)?

After the third Valentine's Day in a row without a girlfriend, I decided to try online dating last month. I went on this program on facebook called "zoosk". I emailed a girl on there and she responded back. It was mostly small talk.

Emailing isn't a very good way to get to know each other so we agreed last week to meet up for lunch this coming Friday (couldn't do it last Friday because it was the end of spring break for her and she was busy moving back to school). We exchanged numbers, but I've yet to call her. I was wondering if I should call her in advance like a day or 2 before the date to confirm with her or chat with her first? Or should I just wait until I get to the restaurant? This is my first time ever meeting someone through online dating.

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    Online dating is very risky but some people end up with their sole mates that way. Personally I would call her first because thats going to make you more comfortable once you hang out. Good Luck!

  • 5 years ago

    You just have to treat it like any other means of meeting someone that you don't know. I would go with a reputable dating site like match or eharmony before I tried something free like craigslist because I would think that if you had to pay for the ability to meet someone, and they themselves were paying, it would cut down on some of the dis-ingenuousness out there. The one thing I would be apprehensive about is whether the person I meet on one of those sites were actually serious about what it is they seek. And I can tell you from experience that there are just as many women who are dishonest about themselves and their intentions as there are men. I don't like the assumption that most men are out to get only sex, or are looking to cheat on their spouses, or are predators. That is just not true, but there is always a percentage that ruins it for all the good men out there. If you're going to choose to use the Internet to find a mate, I think the general consensus is that you must lower your standards a bit. I have found that women are looking for too many "must have" characteristics, rather than looking for someone they can connect with, which as a man, makes me wonder why they choose the internet in the first place to meet someone. Maybe they use it to get this so called "perfect man", being patient enough to weed through the endless responses looking for what's on their list, like shoe shopping. I think that there are more people who just want to "chat" more than they want to meet, either that or they see someone better and just stop communicating altogether. Anyway, I wouldn't do it myself, I just don't see the point. In Atlanta, where I live, the ratio of women to men is about 5 to 1, in favor of men, but on the internet it changes to about 50 to 1 in favor of women. I don't particularly like those odds so I figure I'm better off doing it the old fashioned way.

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    I'd call first. Get a good convo going so you can ask her follow up questions on the date.


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    I guess you should call her first. I love dating online.

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    Call first, that way you can already establish a connection and it won't be like your strangers anymore.

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    Don't forget your rubbers.

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