Are liberty lovers excited about the prospects of freedom in Costa Rica?

The news is a bit old, but since most people don't keep up with Costa Rican politics I assume this may be new to many of you. Otto Guevara, who founded the Libertarian Party Of Costa Rica. He had only 8% of the vote in 2006, but got 20% of the vote in 2010. If he can continue to have the type of success he is having now, he will be very close to a majority by 2014. If that happens, there will finally be a place in the world where freedom actually exists. I would actually consider moving if he was President. What do other freedom enthusiasts think about

1. His chances next time around.

2. Would you move to Costa Rica if he were President?


bathrobe that would only be if they got a libertarian president.

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    Costa Rica has socialized medicine--real socialized medicine, not the watered-down corporate welfare that Obama is trying to feed us. They also have price controls and a variety of other quasi-socialist policies. You'd really leave the U.S. for there? I mean, I would, but I'm a pinko-commie-enviro-fascist (or whatever I'm supposed to be this week). It would be like emigrating to the old Soviet Union because FDR passed Social Security.

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    1 decade ago

    Bad news... Limbaugh is movin in and going to take over.

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