Advice about moving in with a friend?

I'm currently living in a house with three other girls, but two are leaving this year and me and my housemate C have to move out when our contract is up at the end of June.

I am a student in the South of the city, and where we are right now is very convenient for university and university social events. C has recently started her own business in the city centre, she is keen to get a place in the Northern Quarter of the city for convenience: she has to carry a heavy suitcase full of stock every day, and where we are now the bus takes 30 mins plus 10 min walk.

C suffers from depression. It comes and goes, but recently it got bad when she broke up with her boyfriend and self-harmed for the first time. I'm not much better in that department, having suffered from depression and anxiety. The reason this year has been better for both of us (barring the bf incident) is that we've had each other, we have quite a lot in common and neither of us really have many other friends in the city. I don't think it's a good idea for her to live alone, I know from experience how awful that can be. I'm not looking forward to the pot-luck of finding a houseshare as I find it hard enough to find friends as it is.

I've got to make a decision of whether to find a place in the Northern Quarter with C, sacrificing convenience and some social opportunities, or to look for another houseshare (or move back home if I have to) and let C find a place of her own. I don't particularly want to do either.

I need some advice, I don't know what to do!


The city centre is a mostly pedestrian zone and a one-way system. Transport is not a big deal (I ride a bike) but it would probably double my travel time. it's just very isolated in the Northern Quarter, it's the opposite side of the city.

I'm looking at some way to compromise, but there's not much near the main road between the university and the centre.

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    hiya, i think it would be better if you still shared with C,as you like each other and you help each other out.that's what good friends do.look out for each other.its worth a bit of inconvenience, just to be living with a good mate.would you really want to move back home,after having a place of your have your own rules,and your parents rules, might not be as easy as yours.take what you can for now,you can always look for some were better over the months.x

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    It sounds as though it would be a good idea for you to continue sharing with C for mutual support, but it would be good for you both to have other friends as well, so you don't want to sacrifice your social life. Could you find somewhere equidistant from university and the city centre, so neither of you have to travel too far? Alternatively, if you have less to carry than C, it might be easier for you to travel further. Could you use a bike? - it can be as quick as the bus. Would it be too expensive to live in the city centre? I imagine there would be a good transport service from the city centre to university.

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    I would suggest moving in with C, talk to her about it and discuss the situation. I would look into the other available public transport options though. Perhaps you could get more than one bus or train to university. So its going to be a long journey into university, I don't see that as a big deal. Which is more important having a long journey into university, or your happiness?

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