How do you reassemble a car?

Basic question to answer:How would you reattach the frame/chassis if it is cut apart?

I'm going to get a car with no engine or transmission. It will most likely come from a junk yard. I want to move this car inside a classroom. After I have taken off the bumpers, doors, tires, hood, trunk, etc. How do I reassemble it? The main problem is the chassis. Will it fit through a door that is approximately 2 meters high and 1.5 meters wide? if not, how can I get it through this door while still being able to reassemble it inside? I know this has been done in the past and I want to know how to do it. Every door in the building is the same size and there is no car small enough to fit trough this door.

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    "If at all possible involve a cow"

    If the car isn't really supposed to work, you can just cut up the car however you can to get it to fit through the door and fudge the reattachment. Practice at home with a mock up of the door

    When you reattach, just get some bolts or rivets and/or somehow make the removal process very difficult. Welding i suppose would be permanent, but you can just use get some permanent loctite/superglue/epoxy/jbweld or whatever strikes your fancy in the "keeps things stuck together" aisle at the hardware store. Be sure it sets up and reaches full strength fast enough. Or just get long bolts of softer material and hammer them so they're bent so they can't be unscrewed.

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    Some car hoists on rollers can position the car diagonally. Maybe the car can fit through the door corner to corner.

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    Your best bet would be to take apart part of the chasis then reassemble it when it's already installed

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    you got guts dude, try cutting the chassis in an area where the chassis can be re bolted together. good luck dude.

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    Why don't you drop it through the roof of the school instead. That may be easier think about it.

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