I do you put a car inside a classroom?

For my senior year I want to pull of an epic grade 12 prank. The best thing seems to be putting a car inside a classroom. The class room has more than enough room to fit the car and about 30 other people but the problem is getting through the door. I have to disassemble the car and take each piece through a door that is 2 meters higher and 1.5 meters wide. I am only dealing with the shell of a car. There is no engine or transmission, simply the interior, doors,trunk,hood, tires. How do you get the frame/chassis through this door? would you have take it apart to fit through the door? if so, how would you reattach everything? or is there a way to get the chassis through the door intact? the size of the door cannot be increased and there are only single doors.

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    The smart way to do it is buy the outer shell (body, doors, hood trunk, fenders, quarters, bumpers, wheels, etc) from a junk yard, and build a wood frame to attach them to in the classroom, you can go as far as getting the floor pan, and interior, but if you want it to work out, do not even bother w/ the chassis, if you have someone working with you that can work electrical really well, you can even have him make something so the interior lights, headlight, headlights/turn signals, etc actually work through a 120 v outlet in the room, but a car battery would die within a few hours on that, so batt operated is not reccomended

    Be shure to update how it works for you.

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    I don't think it's possible. Almost all cars are uni-body, meaning the frame and body are all one piece. If you could get an old car (like early '70s or older), it might work. The body of some trucks, like full-size Ford pick-ups, can be removed from the frame but that might be too wide to fit through the door upright. A small convertible might work if you remove the windshield. Do some measuring and good luck.

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    do you or any one know how to weild

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    Please don't d o it. Use a model of it instead.

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