I do you put a car inside a classroom?

For my senior year I want to pull of an epic grade 12 prank. The best thing seems to be putting a car inside a classroom. The class room has more than enough room to fit the car and about 30 other people but the problem is getting through the door. I have to disassemble the car and take each piece through a door that is 2 meters higher and 1.5 meters wide. I am only dealing with the shell of a car. There is no engine or transmission, simply the interior, doors,trunk,hood, tires. How do you get the frame/chassis through this door? in which cars(preferably convertibles) would the chassis/frame be bolted together?would you have take it apart to fit through the door? if so, how would you reattach everything? or is there a way to get the chassis through the door intact? the size of the door cannot be increased and there are only single doors.

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    That's not a realistic prank. It will take you a long time to get all the pieces put back together. The longer time you spend there, the more likely it is that you will be caught, even in the dead of night. Most schools have someone who stays on the property overnight or very near it to watch for this kind of thing. However, this prank I'm about to suggest is much more epic.

    Go to the porn store and buy several blow-up dolls. Fill them with helium. Take the blow up dolls to the school, and tie them in conspicuous locations, like balloons. In the morning when everyone shows up for school, there will be blow-up dolls floating like balloons. What a way to start the day.

    To make things more interesting, try to release a few of them inside the gym. They'll float to the ceiling and probably won't be noticed right away.

    Word of advice. Pay for everything in cash. Conceal your identity as best as possible at all times, including when you go to buy your supplies. Be wary of cameras. School officials have no sense of humor when it comes to senior pranks and will go to the furthest extent to try to catch you (just to prove a point.) By using cash, there's no connection in terms of payment. Now, buying multiple blow-up dolls at once is going to look suspicious, so space it out over a while. Have some of your friends go in and buy one or two. Again, conceal your identity as best possible in the store, too. If the school officials look at security tapes at the store and try to identify people buying these dolls, you'll be fried if they see your smiling face. If you don't think you can disguise yourself well enough, go to a neighboring town and shop there. Trust me, they stop at nothing to catch the pranksters, no matter how harmless it is. I'm not an advocate of pranks that could potentially hurt someone, but the funny ones are completely acceptable.

    Be smart about the prank. No pictures posted online, no talking about it at school. If you're going to discuss it with friends who are going to be involved, come up with code words and phrases. There's nothing more annoying than a freshman overhearing your conversation and tattling. Obviously leave no traces of your presence at the "scene". Gloves may be a good idea.

    Have fun, be safe, don't get caught. If you do it and do it right, you'll be chuckling about it for many many years.

    Source(s): My own epic prank. It was not the one I suggested. I won't mention it here.
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    I don't think it's possible. Almost all cars are uni-body, meaning the frame and body are all one piece. If you could get an old car (like early '70s or older), it might work. The body of some trucks, like full-size Ford pick-ups, can be removed from the frame but that might be too wide to fit through the door upright. A small convertible might work if you remove the windshield. Do some measuring and good luck.

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