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Al asked in SportsRunning · 1 decade ago

Any tips for track and field?

The snow has just left and I was want to start training way more. I am definitely a sprinter and I do hurdles and I was thinking of doing javelin too. Any tips on getting faster or javelin? Thanks =)

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    Lets see tips?

    yea definatley have got a couple.

    Get a group of runners (specifically from your team) that will push you over your limits and work you hard. Run some Sprint laps also (ex. jog curves, sprint straightaways)

    Definatley Lift too, its helped me alot. Upperbody is just important as Lower Body.

    Work on your quickness and power out of the blocks and you stamina for the last 10 meters, power through it, well im just a junior sprinter (and Javlin is illegal in Michigan) so thats about it :)

    hope it helps


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  • 1 decade ago

    for hurdles u gotta be flexible and for the javelin lots of upper body strength. strech alot and run alot, do some pushups and situps too.

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