Need help planning for a second (or first) date?

I recently went out with a girl on a short lunch date (which is why I say "second" date. It was only an hour or so long. She's real nice, though we only talked about small stuff, chit-chat mostly getting to know each other. I slipped in a few compliments. As we left, she mentioned about doing it again sometime. I asked her what she was doing next weekend. She said she pretty much lives day by day and she's not sure when she'll be free, but she'll let me know.

How should I proceed? My usual strategy is that after the first date, I wait 3 days for the following Monday/Tuesday, then call and say "I had a great time...(small talk)... what are you doing this Friday/Saturday?". By her saying she'll let me know, its really thrown my game plan all off. Is she interested in me, or was she just being friendly to not hurt my feelings? If its any relevance, we didn't hug goodbye and certainly didn't kiss goodbye. Should I call her or should I wait for her to contact me?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If she likes you, she'll want to be pursued so you should call her ... and there's really no other way to know ... without giving it a shot ... she maybe playing by the Rules in which case being evasive is her strategy and guess what? it's totally working ... you seem sweet, in which case you are quite rare and she's lucky :)

    ask her for dinner, take her to a romantic place ... if you get burned, know that you tried, were honest and move on to another girl that would by lucky to have you.

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