Better Unplugged: Nirvana or Alice in Chains?

I asked a question similar to this over a year ago, and at the time I thought Nirvana had the best unplugged performance ever. I'm starting to reconsider that. At this point, to me, it's like asking which child you love more. But to not evade the question myself, I will say Nirvana had the better performance by a hair, only because they did cool songs they've never done before, like the man who sold the world, and Where did you sleep last night.

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    I own both and I think i'm leaning towards Alice. but Nirvana is one of my favorites. Both excellent bands with very experienced musicians. I guess it boils down to the mood your in.

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    Love both bands! But I think Alice in Chains was a little bit more suited for the Unplugged environment than Nirvana.

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    Alice in Chains, by using a techniques. I say this as a results of fact i'm a much bigger fan of AiC, yet truly, i've got no longer listened to Nirvana because i became sixteen, and all I cared approximately then became Nevermind. AiC pulled off the acoustic ingredient truly properly, however. Nutshell unplugged is between the wonderful songs i've got ever heard. BQ2: Jar of Flies Bq3: Black provides thank you to Blue. it truly is advantageous. i in my view like that song examine My strategies, yet I in no way stumbled on yet another song off the album that sticks besides as that song.

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    Nirvana was absolutely amazing but....... I have to take alice in chains. Layne hadn't played in some time and he just got out of rehab. You can obviously how sick he was and his voice was amazing.

    Nirvana had a great show loved how Kurt played a cover of man who sold a world. Both were good but gotta give it to alice in chains.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I prefer anything done by Alice In Chains over Nirvana.

  • Haha Alice In Chains hands down. Nirvana has nothing near the talent they had and Layne has the perfect acoustic voice and mixed with Jerry Cantrell they were amazing together. Alice In Chains were just a more talented band with better song structure as a whole and their songs crossed over into acoustic very well I thought...just listen to the emotion and passion in Layne's voice you can feel what he was feeling when he wrote and sang those words...powerful stuff he is still a loss thats hard to get over

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    I honestly like anything by Alice In Chains better than anything by Nirvana.

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    Alice In Chains - Over Now (HD High Defnition MTV Unplugged 1996)

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    Nirvana all the way.. i absolutely love their unplugged album.

    Alice in Chains is amazing as well but I'm sticking with Nirvana

  • Alice In Chains. That whole album was classic IMO, while my favorite tracks from Nirvana's were all covers. It was awesome to hear Layne and Jerry's harmonies in that environment too.

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