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Two 6.0cm-diameter metal disks are separated by a 0.19mm-thick piece of paper?

Two 6.0cm-diameter metal disks are separated by a 0.19mm-thick piece of paper. (Dielectric constant for paper is k=3.7, its dielectric strength is 16 x 10^6 V/m

1)What is the capacitance?

2)What is the maximum potential difference between the disks?

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    C= capacitance

    k=dielectric constant


    e=epsilon naught, the permittivity constant (8.85x10^-12)C^2/Nm^2

    d=distance between the metal disks

    E=dielectric strength

    1) The formula for the capacitance of a dielectric-filled capacitor is



    C=4.87*10^-10 Farads

    2) To find the maximum potential difference, use the equation V=E*d


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