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Forget the name of boook. Pleeease help?

There was this book that i read a long time ago. I remember the mainnn characterss name was tripp, and in the book he accidentley ( or on purpose i dont remember) set a kid on fire when he was 8, the spent the rest of his life in a jail for kids, or mental placee, then went to highschoool. Pleeease help if you know the tittle :) Its a teen book

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    Right Behind You by Gail Giles

    At the age of nine, Kip McFarland is a troubled child. Living with his dad in the Alaskan wilderness after his mother's death, Kip is lonely and jealous of other kids' easy lives. So jealous, in fact, that when his seven-year-old neighbor stops by to show off a brand-new baseball glove, he sets the glove --- and the boy --- on fire.

    Institutionalized for the next several years, Kip gains a reputation at the juvenile treatment facility, not only for killing another kid but also for being angry enough to snap at a moment's notice. With the help of a patient, wise therapist and the consistent love of his father, though, Kip does eventually get better and is released.

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    Are you sure its a teen book?

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