Is the book the Jehovah Witnesses read the same Bible as everyone else reads?

If not why do they not ?

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    no it is the first bible that removes the divinity of Christ to support non Christian dogma

    The New World Translation Is Not The Word of God

    Clete Hux

    One of the marks of a cult is their claim to be the only true church. Since this is such an exclusive claim, it's not unusual for them to have their own extra biblical revelation from God. In the case of the Jehovah's Witnesses, one of those revelations is the New World Translation of the Bible.

    At the very onset, two of the most important questions we could ask are: What is the New World Translation and is it the Word of God? Though many answers could be given, we will content ourselves with just a few given by the organization itself and then look at some passages of scripture retranslated by the Watchtower Society in the New World Translation to see that it is not the word of God. It might also be added that there is a great deal of dishonesty on the pat of the Watchtower in their New World Translation (NWT).

    The NWT is defined by the Watchtower in their Reasoning from the Scriptures as "a translation of the Holy Scriptures made directly from Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek into modern day English by a committee of anointed witnesses of Jehovah" (p.276).

    Some Christians may ask, "Why the New World Translation?" Evidence bears out the fact that the Watchtower Society thought that all the other translations (KJV, ASV, etc.) had been corrupted where the Bible tranlatory actually let their religious bias show through their renderings (The Watchtower, 10/15/85, p.21, Insight on the News).

    David Reed, an ex-Witness, says in his book, Jehovah's Witnesses Answered Verse by Verse that basically the New World Translation came into being for the sole purpose of supporting Watchtower doctrines showing their own bias (pp.17-18). Reed says, "So, during the 1950's, Watchtower leaders went beyond interpretation by producing their own version of the Bible, with hundreds of verses changed to fit Watchtower doctrine. And, their New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures continues to be rewritten every few years, with additional changse made to bring God's Word into closer agreement with what the organization teaches."

    The New World Translation systematically sets out to eliminate evidence for the deity of Christ. Instead of falling at Jesus' feet to worship Him, people did "obeisouce" to Him. John 1:1 no longer says "the Word was God" but "the Word was a God." Jesus did not say, "Before Abraham was, I am" but rather to avoid association with the "I AM" of Exodus 3:14, Jesus's statement becomes, "Before Abraham came into existence, I have been."

    The most widespread change in the Watchtower Bible is the insertion of the name JEHOVAH 237 times in the New Testament. Of course, it is appropriate for a translator to choose to use the divine name JEHOVAH or YAHWEH in the Old Testament where the Tetragrammator YHWH actually appears in the Hebrew text. However, the Watchtower has gone beyond this by inserting the name JEHOVAH in the New Testament, where it does not appear in Greek manuscripts. One need only look at the word-by-word English that appears under the Greek text in the Society's own Kingdom Interlinear Translation to see that the name JEHOVAH is not there in the Greek.

    Why the bias concerning Christ? Because the Watchtower teaches that Jesus is a mighty god, but not the almighty God, a creature rather than the Creator. To cite "proof" for this, they will point you to Col. 1:15, and say that since he is the first born of all creation, he has to be the first thing (an angel) that Jehovah God created. It matches up with the view that Jesus is not Jehovah.

    The term first born in the Bible doesn't mean created. It is often used in Scripture to signify priority in importance or rank, rather than actual birth order. It also refers to Christ having a preeminient position which is a theme throughout the book of Collossians. Moreover, the term first born elsewhere in scripture in referring to Christ means only begotten.

    So, as the only begotten Son of God, Christ if God. What God begats is God, just as what a human begats is human. Christ was begotten, the `Very God of Very God' <197> He is God in the flesh!

    The Watchtower Society presents the New World Translation as the anonymous work of the New World Bible Translation Committee and resists all efforts to identify the members of the committee. They claim this is in order that all credit for the work will go to God. However, Reed points out, "an unbiased observer will quickly note that such anonymity also shields the translators from any blame for errors or distortions in their renderings. And it prevents scholars from checking their credentials.

    "In fact, defectors who have quit Watchtower headquarters in recent years have identified the alleged members of the committee, revealing that none of them was expert in Hebrew, Greek, or Aramaic - the original languages from which the Bible was translated."

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    Yes they're right about the trinity dogma. The Roman Catholic Church is very clear that the trinity dogma is not a teaching of scripture but of the clergy. They view the clergy as having the right and authority to teach/interpret The Scriptures any way they want and that no one else has this right. When the dogma of the trinity came in to the church that is also when the persecution of those that disagreed came into the church. The spirit of persecution is the spirit of Satan. When Nicea was convened there were 304 bishops attending out of a possible 5,000 bishops of the church. These 304 presumed to speak for the whole church and came up with the trinity. There were other other councils called that were attended by majorities of the bishops and these anathematized the trinitarian teachings of Athanasius but they don't want to talk about those councils. Eusebius, the first church historian outside of scripture, was opposed to the trinity. That's why he's not called a saint but he is referred to as a reliable source of church history. Trinitarians want everyone to think the matter was settled in 325 but the debate has NEVER gone away. 325 didn't even talk about the holy spirit and what it was and how if figured into the newfangled trinity. That came later at Chalcedon. Most people that say the believe in the 'trinity' don't even know what it is. It's a catch phrase, buzzword, whatever you want to call it that the 'in people use.' Side point: Constantine was supposedly 'converted' on his deathbed and baptized as an 'Arian Christian' by an Arian bishop. Even pagans know 1+1+1=3, not 1.

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    Yes and no.. Its almost the same. all bibles are translations of the hebrew scriptures so if it's translated word for word, it might sound different in the english language. JW's try to be as acurate as possible and also make known god's name. Other bibles say "lord" which confuses people to thinking that jesus is god. its all a very confusing process but you can definitely trust it more than any other bible :)

    I'm a former JW (not disfellowshipped, i just choose to not believe in the bible in general) , and I can guarentee you it's not a cult. The worst that they do is just bag on other religions because they think theirs is perfect, and repeat the same teachings over and over. Its a pretty well rounded religion for the most part if you want to strictly follow the bible and do nothing at all to offend jehovah or jesus, like celebrating a birthday would offend them because the birthday candles are peghan and cus the only time a b-day was mentioned was when a guys head was chopped off. the people are really friendly and extremely caring and they try to be as accurate as possible. :)

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    Jehovahs Witnesses use Many Translations , As Bible students and Teachers , You must realize that the KJV is in English ,Not all people speak English......

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    I wouldn't say they read the same Bible as everyone else, but that they read the same Bibles that most people have.

    In America, the primary translations are NIV, KJV, and the NASB (The NWT may be right up there with them, but it's never even considered in the 'most popular Bible' lists that I've found).

    I have an NIV, KJV, among others. And I have used the NASB in electronic format. I have read most of the NJB, and I have the NAB. So I would say that I read the same Bibles that most Catholics and Protestants use, at least in America.

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    No they have their own version of the Bible (NWT) which is altered to suit themselves. And they say they're not a cult!! Think they need to look up the definiton of what a cult is and then take a hard look in the mirror.

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    The original Bible doesn't exist for it was written in Hebrew, Ara-mic and Greek.The time and elements and evil religious people wasted them away. What everyone has today are copies of the original scriptures and the most accurate translation is the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures published by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Jehovah's Witnesses.

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    some are, depending if the witness is reading KJV, NIV, NLT, NASB, etc. If there reading the NWT then no. The way it's worded- it perverts the real meanings of the bible

    Source(s): LDS and only use the KJV
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    I have more than 15 different bibles & I almost never use the NWT (JW Bible) on this site because people think it is a different bible but after a lot of comparing it is my favorite bible now , it is the easiest to read & understand & I feel the most accurate .

  • We read many different translations & we urge the people that we study the scriptures with to use their own copy of the Bible. They ALL have the same message.

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