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why do I fall to sleep every time I read Book of Mormon?

I am not Mormon ,I was reading Book of Mormon in last few years .Every time I red I fell to sleep ..It is like some kind of Chemicals in my brain cause me to fall to sleep in middle of the day after I read Book of Mormon..

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    Maybe it's a spiritual sedative.

  • missy
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    If you read it like a novel, you're gonna fall asleep. While it does have a bit of a storyline, the way it is written doesn't flow as well as modern English and for some people doesn't grab and keep attention.

    When I was a kid, my Dad bought some of the Living Scriptures animations that told certain stories from the Bible and Book of Mormon. I found that because I had seen those, there were parts of the Book of Mormon that I'd recognize when my family would read it together. It became more interesting to me.

    That being said, the Book of Mormon really isn't a novel. It's scripture. As you read, try to put yourself in the circumstances of the Book of Mormon. Or try to find commonalities between what is occuring in the Book of Mormon and what is occuring among societies today. The ancient historic part might not seem like it fits, but people typically follow the same patterns sociologically. Also, try to see if there are things about the verses that might apply in your life right now.

    There may be things you start to see that seem like they fit in application.

    Hope that helps.

  • Well, I have an unusual problem of having to constantly move around--I fall asleep, too, if I am just sitting in one spot. (Fortunately, I didn't have this problem as a student.) I can only read a book on an airplane anymore. You could try listening to the scriptures on tape. I do that sometimes while I am doing chores. I do actually get a lot out of it. The only drawback is that you can't stop and cross-reference or mark a particular scripture as significant.

    ps--"David" is SO annoying! He goes around looking for the word "Mormon" "Catholic" and "Islam" and then pastes in his little pre-written soliloquy--he isn't doing anyone a service with this--why bother?

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    Perhaps you are reading it at times when you are tired and fatigued. You could do it at other times of the day, like when you first wake up, or during a lunch hour. Also, you may try reading various topics found in the Book of Mormon, rather than reading it from cover to cover. Pick a topic like "baptism" found in the index, then search out scriptural passages about the topic. THere are many ways and times to study the words of the Lord.

    Source(s): Lifelong Mormon
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    There could be any number of reasons. Perhaps you suffer from sleep apnea. Perhaps you like to read after a meal. Perhaps you are struggling to get through some of the more difficult chapters, like the chapters of Isaiah, or the parable of the olive tree. Not all of the Book of Mormon is as easy to read as 1st Nephi. Frankly, I got much more out of it the second time I read it.

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    Well anyone can get sleepy after reading anything after awhile. I have the same problem at work, trying to do data entry for a mailing list.

    Perhaps you're just having trouble with the language, if that's the case try this website, it might help:

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    That's sorta funny. I don't have that problem with my Book of Mormon, but rather my Philosophy text book....

    I wonder why that is sometimes. Maybe I should just take a power nap and come back to it later.

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    It is because you are reading it when your are tired. If you chose another time in the day you would not be falling asleep when you are reading it.

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    Try reading it with a good hot cup of coffee. That will keep you awake!

    Actually Mark Twain, famous for his satire, stated that The Book of Mormon will put you to sleep because it has chloroform in print. (Was he referring to the book of Ether from the Book of Mormon?)

    FYI-Mark Twain and I are NOT anti-LDS. The comments made are just for fun and humor. I am very devout LDS. Mark Twain didn't believe in the Book of Mormon, but he said, "There is nothing vicious in its teachings. Its code of morals is unobjectionable."

    Source(s): I am faithful LDS and my family's heritage is LDS since 1830 ROUGHING IT by Mark Twain, available at Amazon
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    It could be because you don't understand it. There are good sites that would help you understand it better.

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