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I'm sexually attracted to my foster father?

Ok so i've recently moved to new supported accommodation and there's a happily married couple, thing is everytime i see him i just wanna grab him and have sex with him. I know i can't coz i'm not the kinda girl to wreck relationships as i wouldnt like it done to me but i find myself daydreaming about him all the time, thinking up really sexual hot scenes between him and me and i melt everytime he looks at me. It's breathtaking. He's in his 40's but to me thats not a problem as i have always gone for older guys and i'am 19, so over the consenting age, but i really really want this man in my bed with me. Advice please, and if you're only going to leave spiteful comments then please don't bother at all

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    I believe the statement, "Don't **** (deficate) where you sleep," is the perfect statement for you.

    You seem like an intellegent girl because you are conflicted with this problem and you haven't wrecked the relationship. It shows maturity and intellegence. Keep away. Technically, he's your father and you don't want them to divorce. Even worse, can you imagine if you make a pass at him and he rejects you? One of two things can happen. Either he can reject you and keep it silent and it can get incredibly awkward or he will tell his wife and they will kick you out. I assume it's important to be living there since it's your foster FATHER (and of course mother as well) and not your real father and mother.

    "Don't **** (deficate) where you sleep." You don't want them kicking you out or anything else bad happen. Get with somebody else.

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    (Assuming this is legal on your section...) only keep teasing him: low-cut back shirt, midriff, short skirt, tight clothing, etc. enable him seize you observing his kit. perhaps pass away a appealing photograph of your self with some used panties in his underclothes drawer. there is often footsies, once you're sitting on an identical table at the same time, or place your self to grant him some large perspectives. the subsequent time he hugs you that is a sturdy possibility to snatch his ***. deliver me a message in case you like greater techniques.

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    You have answered your own "Q". They are a 'happily married couple' & you would not like to mess up their marriage. As you say you are 19yrs. & now a woman. I would suggest you move ON Again as surely you wouldn't want to break up a marriage!

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    Between 18 and Marriage is fair game.

    Find your own man sweetie.

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    i think that you are just looking for somthing to make you feel wanted and you know he care's about you and you think he can make everything better but now that you're 19 i think its time to move out on you're own and find someone that you really love and care about you and they love and care about you to but what ever happens good luck with everything

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