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Good longboard for cruising/Store in Toronto?

I want to buy my first longboard and start learning how to ride one.

my budget is around $150-$200 or maybe $250. i dont want something too expensive because i might not keep going with it, then im stuck with an expensive board.

my question is whats a good board for cruising around campus for example or just riding around town? and whats a good store i can get a cheap complete board at in toronto?


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    Your best bet is to order online. You're not going to get anything decent from local skate shops.

    Check out Switchback Longboards.

    Get a Sector 9 9-Star, Randal R2 180's, 81a Abec 11 Flashbacks, and bearing spacers. That'll be a fantastic board.

    If you want to spend less, try Kracked Skulls (will probably end up at a similar price due to duty and shipping though).



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    3 years ago

    Longboard Stores Toronto

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