Law and Oder S.U.V. episode called Disabled. How did it end ? I fell asleep and missed the ending.?

The storyline was about a woman totally disabled with M.S, and someone had beat her.Suspicion was on a caregiver but it then shifted to the sister and the nephew .So my question is who was the guilty party ? This episode aired last night in my area ( Ontario,Canada) if that makes any difference.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Cara decided to not let her sister Janice verbally or physically abuse and control her life any longer. The sister was offered a plea bargain for the assault charges with probation, anger management classes and a restraining order against contacting her sister. She said no one else would take care of Cara, but her son Damien stood up to her and said that he would take care of Cara from now on. Blaine tells her that power of attorney had already been changed from Janice to Damien.

    Benson convinced Cara to stand up against her rapist, Griegs (the bus driver). When they asked her in court if the man sitting at the table raped her, she blinked her eyes yes. The defense attorney argued that was not a definitive answer so she gathered up the strength and pointed at him. Blaine says, “Cara Raleigh just gave your client the finger.” It fades to black then so you assume that he was convicted.

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