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bpiguy asked in Cars & TransportationRail · 1 decade ago

Why is there no passenger rail link between Detroit and Toledo?

They're not far apart; there certainly was service once upon a time; and now, because of that short gap, all Michigan passengers headed for the east coast must first go through Chicago, adding a lot of time and expense.

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    Its directly a result of not enough people wanting to ride. traffic between these two cities dropped dramatically since the middle of last century.

    This was the territory of the Pere Marquette Railroad (now CSX). Operating passenger trains from Mich into Toledo to meet with other rail lines there. Specifically C&O (CSX), B&O (CSX), Hocking Valley (CSX) , PRR (NS, CSX) and some others. When the famed "Sportsman" of C&O lore stopped running, pretty much that ended the traffic in this area. PM ran trains from Ludington to Toledo via Saginaw, Flint, Plymouth; and also Grand Rapids to Detroit via Lansing, Plymouth. Plymouth being a major intersection of these two lines. Trains also ran specifically between Detroit and Toledo via Monroe using the cutoff at Romulus ( trackage rights ). When PM was merged into C&O in 1947, and even later under C&O, traffic started to cease as revenue did. PM rented its way into Detroits Fort Union Station, and was half owner of station in Toledo with the CH&D, forming a belt railroad in Toledo. Certainly as traffic died down inbetween these two cities, so did the amount of trains until 1970 when Amtrak took over national service. As for future traffic in this area i am currently unaware.

    There are 2 trains that i know of running in Mich., the Pere Marquettes (Grand Rapids to Chicago) and the 'Blue Water' (Detroit to Chicago). I agree it doesnt make sence to cross Mich. twice to get from Detroit to Toledo (using the Blue Water and Capitol Limited [B&O, nee CSX]). Amtrak does however offer 'thru way service' between Detroit and Toledo, whatever that means. Prolly a bus connection.

    Unfortunately, it is way more economical to just drive yourself. Sorry for the bad news.

    Source(s): 40 years railfan, student of railroads.
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    4 years ago

    Detroit To Toledo

  • 4 years ago

    Train From Toledo To Chicago

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    Frequent Detroit-to-Toledo service has been proposed as part of the Ohio Hub Plan. This segment would be the second phase of the Ohio system, that is, if the penny wise and pound foolish Ohio GOP doesn't scuttle the $400 million that Ohio just received to implement the Cleveland-to-Columbus service. The Second Phase of the plan calls for implementing service from Detroit to Cleveland, via Toledo.

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    because our rail system - at one time by far the best in the world - is pretty much a skeletal joke.

    I don't know why this isn't a bigger issue with environmentalists. Trains are by far the most fuel efficient way to move people and freight. Gas should be taxed more - and the government should stop artificially raising it's price to line the pockets of corporate sugar daddies - and the money should be used to rebuild our inter-city rail system.

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    Amtrak offers bus service between Detroit and Toledo. But what fun is there in that?

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    trains are restricted to a five mile per hour speed limit in the Detroit downriver rail corrdor

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    detriot is a dying city

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