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POLL: Your opinion in regards to the Confederate flag?

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    The Confederate Flag is highly symbolic of the "Old South" and elicits very strong emotion. It stands for a great many Southern traditions. Unfortunately, those traditions included slavery, and that has been considered to be repulsive to many people (then and now). Consequently, the flag has become very controversial.

    If I were a white Southerner, I would probably still consider it to be "my flag," and I would want to preserve it. It would symbolize far more to me than slavery. I would see the Civil War as the "War of Northern Aggression," and I would never forget the corruption of the Reconstruction Era, during which the South was ruined.

    However, from a national point of view, the Confederate flag is often seen as a sign of divisiveness. We are not THESE United States; we are THE United States.

    For the sake of national unity, I hope that the Confederate flag will be retired with dignity.

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    Not so cool...

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