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how does olympic bidding work?

how does this actually work? since it seems pretty competitive.

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    It's a long process, starting many years from the actual event. The process has changed over the years, becoming more rigid after the Salt Lake City bribery scandal.

    Most cities express an interest, then seek the backing of their National Olympic Committee. In many countries, that alone involves a competitive process, where rival cities within the country view for that approval. Criteria in that point is often very political, with 'it's their turn' often a factor. So, while (for example) Los Angeles might submit a better technical bid, the USOC could select a lesser bid from say St Louis because they have never held a Games. Obviously, they also need to consider whether a bid might be successful, which is why the USOC has reportedly decided NOT to submit a bid for 2020.

    A particular country may submit only one bid to the IOC for a particular Games.

    After obtaining the approval of the NOC, the cities prepare detailed bids for the IOC. Those bids are evaluated through a series of cycles over several years, with the number of prospects being whittled down to 3. The evaluation process includes technical, financial, and other aspects, with IOC members visiting as part of evaluations teams multiple times. Most prospect cities are eliminated through these evaluation processes.

    The final three cities then produce final bid books breaking out every detail, and finally, 7 years from the Games, the IOC members vote. After the first round of voting, if no city has a clear majority, the lowest ranking city is eliminated, leading to a final vote.

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