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Considering being a Dental Hygienist or Assistant... Medical School....Help?

I am currently a high school student in Canada, and have always had a desire to work in the dental field. I was thinking of applying to Universities such as York, Ryerson, or the University in Poznan, Poland for medical sciences. Although, I'm not completely sure of these decisions. Please, if you are studying in the dental/medicine field, any information and tips would be grately appreciated.

Additionally, if you know any answers to the following questions, they would be greatly appreciated:

What would be the best path I take to become a dental hygienist or assistant?

What average would I have to have to even consider going into this field?

What University would you recommend I go to?


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    I'm a senior in high school looking into the same field i was also undecided; i had my mind set on becoming a dental hygienist face it compared to an assistant they get paid way more money simply because they are able to do a little bit more. but i found a solution to that problem as of today i signed up for classes starting August 20th 2010. ill be going to school to be a dental assistant specialist with this it allows me to make as much money as a dental hygienist if not more i'll have advanced training more then just a regular dental assistant. what i am trying to get at is do not let anyone make your decision for you.I made up my mind after visiting a couple of schools as far as my plans for my career and school goes. you can always go to school to be a dental assistant which is usually an 8 month program try it out finish it, if you like it stick with it if not go back to school to be a dental hygienist that way you will have two traits under your belt you can work as an assistant while going back to school to be hygienist.

    Average- if planing on going to a university you have to have ad-least a 2.5 to get in you also may be put on a waiting list

    with a technical school there is no specific average but you but having a high average would hurt

    as far as community college- i believe it is based off a placement test not for sure on that one

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