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Fantasy Baseball - I'm offered Hawpe and Happ for Dunn and Webb. Should I do the trade?

Why or why not? Thanks.


I would get: Hawpe and Happ

He would get: Dunn and Webb

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    No. Dunn is so consist at around 40 HR a year and Webb should be at least decent again. I would not be afraid to trade either guy if it was a little better offer though.

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    i would do it if you have someone on your roster who's going to get you home runs so you don't have to worry about the loss of Dunn.

    Happ should put up a 13-15 win season, especially with the offense behind him and Webb is probably going to start the season on the DL.

    Hawpe should score near as many points at Dunn and he'll help you in SB.

    oh and also, Happ is reliever eligible if you play in a head-to-head league.

  • bored
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    Not a good trade, Dunn can give around 30+ home runs and Webb WAS great but still can be great or good. Hawpe can give around 20+ home runs and some decent average and Happ is great but we don't know if it a fluke or not.

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    Yeah. Webb is injured and won't be consistent when he comes back. Hawpe is underrated. Dunn strikes out a lot and his AVG is terrible. Happ is considered a starting pitcher and relief pitcher. He also has a good ERA.

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    Yes, Dunn K's allot. Webb is hurt.

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