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Selling cigarettes | Assisted suicide re-post ...?

Selling Cigarettes | Euthanasia / Assisted Suicide...?

How is someone selling you cigarettes any different than a doctor aiding in assisted suicide since we know smoking leads to death (slowly but surely)? Why is selling cigarettes legal and assisted suicide is not?

p.s. I think it's because can't deal with assisted suicide because it is sow blatantly obvious, where as smoking is very gradual. (frogs don't notice being boiled idea)

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** People are hinting that this is a stupid question because we obviously dont jail people like fast food makers and etc. That is my point, im not saying these things should be made illegal, I'm saying assisted suicide should be made legal.


Did the first two even read what i said. I said i don't want to make cigarettes illegal, i want to make assisted suicide legal.

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    I recently watched a program about an American who traveled to Amsterdam, I believe it was, because he couldn't obtain the help he wanted here. Unfortunately, because of the laws there, he had to administer the fatal dose himself -- no one could do it for him.

    It broke my heart because I think it would have been so much easier on the man and his wife if he'd been able to just lie there peacefully and have it administered by injection. As it was, he had to drink something that obviously tasted terrible. That may sound nuts, but why should he have suffered any more than he already was?

    My brother's last week of life was spent in a hospital bed, getting intravenous drugs that kept him so doped up he had no idea what was going on. Who did that help? The hospital certainly made money that week, but it was torture for those who love him to watch. He, basically, wasn't even "there" during that week, so it's not like he was really alive. We just watched as his bodily organs broke down, one by one, until his body, finally, could no longer function. It was the worst week of my life, and I'll live with the memories of it for rest of my life.

    My sister killed herself by stopping all medications, nutrition, and fluids. The hospital couldn't stop her, but neither could anyone assist her. It took about a week, and she had no drugs to keep her doped up. She certainly would have availed herself of euthanasia, if it had been available.

    Assisted euthanasia should be available to anyone who wants to end their suffering. Anyone who doesn't like it doesn't have to avail themselves of it. But, I'm sick and tired of religious beliefs that many don't even believe in dictating what everyone does. If religious people think they're the property of some god, fine. However, religious beliefs are not facts. They're opinions. And everyone is entitled to have and live and die by their own.


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    Its not because it is protected under the law and its the persons choice to smoke.

    PS assisted suicide should be legal under the law for people who are terminally ill and wish to end it in a dignified way. Its certainly better than the other way slowly painfully dieing or leaving a huge mess for their families to clean up and their families can absolutely be sure to be with them at the moment of death.

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    Life leads to death as well.

    I guess your birth was a form of assisted suicide.

    Smokers don't smoke because they want to kill themselves. They are just looking for instant gratification. And most of us are fans of instant gratification whether it be unhealthy eating, drug abuse, alcoholism, sex addiction etc. If you forcefully take away every unhealthy/irrational habit humans have then what's the point of having the freedom of choice?

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    don't take away my cigs man. i have a right as an american to slowly kill myself. plus it keeps me from snapping people's heads off. and i'd hate for that to happen cuz i'm such a nice person!

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